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Daniel Stephenson

Daniel Stephenson

What’s great about being a Search Analyst at Found is I get to be a modern day Hercule Poirot in the morning by discovering overlooked parts of clients’ businesses and then a David Ogilvy in the afternoon crafting compelling advertising that lets the world know about it. Within a matter of days, after looking at the numbers I find out what the likelihood of success will be. I find that quick feedback and variety satisfying as there’s an interesting challenge every day.

Outside work, I love amateur dramatics and have been in numerous musicals despite having a singing voice that would be booed at karaoke. The camaraderie that comes from being on stage together in front of a big crowd draws me in and I revel in the nervous excitement that comes with it.

I also love the mountains and skiing. Just imagining a wooden chalet, logs crackling in the fire, St. Bernard by my feet while looking over some snowy peaks makes me want to suggest a new Found office in the Alps. I think I’ll go and propose it to the team now…

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