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Greg Burgess

Director of Digital Advertising

I first got exposed to the power of the online when I was at university, studying Chemistry. I started to build my own websites and began generating an income to support myself. As much as I loved Chemistry, it became clear to me that there were great opportunities in the online world and I soon learnt how the focus and manipulation of key metrics can have a huge impact on any digital marketing campaign, and move our clients’ one step ahead of the competition. As Director of Digital Advertising I manage a great team of Analysts - together we make sure that every opportunity on every search space is maximised. I thrive on the fact that the search landscape is always changing and the dynamics continually open up new opportunities to gain more market share and, ultimately, more revenue for our clients each and every day. When I’m not immersed in Google, I also dabble in video production, play the guitar, like to catch a few waves when I’m abroad and do brilliant wall flips!

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