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Paul Skelton

Accounts Manager

I am the Group Accountant at BIG and have been responsible for Found’s accounts since 2005. Back in ancient history, my previous life was in the world of import/export/wholesale and the retail of toys. I have always been a big fan of all things digital and technological and I especially like finding ways of saving time and maximising output. In fact, I’m never happier than when designing new spreadsheets and receiving prompt payment of invoices, of course! I love cooking, food and wine. However since my photo was taken I have been on a diet and have lost over 30kg. I have 4 kids and therefore have a very busy household. I’ve also recently taken up photography and have always had a very keen interest in politics and current affairs. Conversely my dislikes have to be the 3 times a week I am currently going to the gym to maintain the weight loss!

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