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Sana Hamid

Sana Hamid

BIG Talent Scout

As an internal recruiter, my role is to assist the Talents Manager to find brilliant individuals to join Found.  Found’s ethos of believing in the best and employing the best means I have to ensure my ‘brilliance’ radar is always switched to full power!  Whether it be exciting new interns or experienced directors, the one thing that resonates across each role I fill is the ability to identify the values that will see a new recruit succeed as a true Found’er. Luckily we work in a fab office with a great group of people and have lots of exciting social events happening all of the time – all of which help me immensely in my job!  I’m obsessive about recruiting talented geeks (it must be my own inner geek seeking compatriots!) so I would love to speak to anyone who is hungry (hands off my Oreo’s!) and driven to succeed in the digital marketing arena.

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