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By fine tuning your feed we alter, test and optimise your Product Listing Ads to get you more clicks, stronger conversions and better ROI.

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Foundlab Engine

How does FeedLab work?

FeedLab is a web-based tool that sits between your feed and Google’s Merchant Center.

Once FeedLab processes your raw feed, our analysts make optimisations and format your ads perfectly - tasks that can be arduous or problematic for your website or CMS.

Without needing to alter your originals, our analysts can optimise your feed, correct problems, improve copy, remove unwanted items and tailor your Product Listing Ads for search.



FeedLab is used by our analysts to increase the performance of each individual item in your Google Product Listing Ads. The tool was designed so that the original feed never needs to be altered. Any update or change to your feed is automated to handle optimisations which our analysts can easily and quickly apply.

  • Insert keywords

    In titles & descriptions to increase impression share

  • Change images

    On key items to increase their CTRs

  • Insert missing attributes

    Raising the Google score & impressions

  • Add call-to-actions

    Adding a CTA will increase CTR


The flexibility of FeedLab is the missing component in your search marketing mix. By altering, managing and enhancing your product listings to match relevant search terms, our analysts will earn you more clicks, higher visibility, stronger conversions and better ROI from products listed in Google Merchant Centre.

  • Improved positions

    Through search optimised feed

  • Greater visibility

    By increasing keywords you match to

  • More clicks

    Using captivating text, images & ad copy

  • Higher ROI

    As ads target consumer queries

Get more from your product feed

Before optimisation

Before Feedlab

After optimisation

Before Feedlab

What we do for you

Our team of analysts starts off by researching the keywords that your products should be matching to. We add these into the product titles and descriptions ensuring your products show for the relevant search terms.

Next we test various images in order to choose the one that will increase your ad click-through-rate. We then write compelling ad copy.

Finally, we test, optimise and refine until both your team and ours is happy

FeedLab Interface

Why FeedLab?

Google Product Listing Ads are evolving.

They now display richer product information like images and merchant name, and Google is finding new and innovative ways to display these ads. With Google moving PLA over to a cost-per-click model, optimising your feed is now more important than ever.

FeedLab helps ensure that your products are displaying for the search terms most effective and beneficial for your company, without you touching your feed.

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