Guest Blogging

At Found we pride ourselves on being able to offer our readers
insight on topics such as SEO, PPC, design, technology, social
media, mobile, CMS and more.

If the world of digital marketing interests you, we
welcome you to join our team of contributors.
Simply fill out the form below to get in touch.


    We accept articles, videos and infographics as long as content is 100% original. We have a few other specifications, so if you are interested in collaborating with Found, check out our guidelines below.

    Don’t forget to have a look at our past Found blog posts and tweets to find out more about what interests our readers and followers.

    1. All content must be original
      1. All quotes, statistics and data must be properly attributed
    2. We do not pay for posts
    3. However, we offer you all these great things:
      1. Traffic
      2. Exposure
      3. Author bio with social profile links
    4. Types of articles and subjects
      1. Posts should be between 400-700 words
      2. They should relate to aspects of digital marketing
        1. SEO, PPC, design, technology, social media, mobile, cms, gadgets, etc
      3. Formats that we love to receive are “Top Tips” or “How-Tos”
      4. We also accept videos and slideshares
    5. Style elements
      1. UK English
      2. Unsure? The Guardian style guide is a great reference
      3. No plagiarism – we will run your submission through duplicate content detection software
      4. Don’t make pieces too formal, but do keep them professional
    6. How to submit
      1. Use the form below
      2. Fill out all the blanks, especially contact information
    7. Getting published
      1. If your post meets all our guidelines we will publish it on our site and promote it through our social channels, we hope you do the same
      2. Found holds the rights to edit both the copy and headline when needed
      3. We will email you to ask for a head shot and any other photos you would like to accompany your article
        1. These must hold a Creative Commons license or labelled as being in the public domain
      4. If your article is not approved, we will let you know
        1. You can make changes and try again
        2. Or submit it to another site
      5. If you do not hear back from us within 15 business days
        1. You can submit the article to another site
        2. But we urge you to first follow-up with us here! We may have just been really busy
    8. Ownership of content
      1. If your article has been accepted for publication, Found has exclusive rights to the content for a period of one year
      2. Content cannot be republished (even on your personal blog) as Google doesn’t like duplicate content
      3. We are happy to include links in your content. However, Found reserves the right to remove any content or links that we deem to be unrelated or too self-promotional

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