ProFound dashboard

Why you need ProFound

ProFound gives your team access to the knowledge it needs in order to create and manage targeted and effective campaigns.

We know that gathering and compiling data from multiple marketing sources can be a long and arduous process. ProFound takes away this pain by putting reporting and analysis tools in the hands of platform users.

Without the right insight, you can’t plan or react. ProFound makes it easy to acquire the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

How ProFound works

Regardless of your data source, ProFound pulls in your marketing metrics, aggregates them and analyses every aspect of your PPC, SEO, Social Media or Mobile Marketing campaigns.

You will then be able to begin visualising the information using ProFound’s dynamic and multi-faceted interface.

ProFound is all about giving you the power to control what information is showing – it reports exactly what you need, using graphs, charts and other widgets. Also, users have the ability to easily change the metric that is being displayed and the date range of the data.

ProFound dashboard

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At Found we have a technology-agnostic approach. This means we don’t settle for technology that almost suits our needs, just because we like the brand or system. We seek out the tools that best help us accomplish our goals. If the right tool doesn't exist – we will build our own.

ProFound was developed because we wanted to provide our clients with the highest level of transparency. Our dashboards give you easy access to all of your data so you can track and monitor your campaigns with a single login. Our team is also available through ProFound to offer insight, commentary and to answer any questions you may have.

Stop wondering about your performance and experience the clarity of ProFound. Fill out the form for more information on how ProFound can enhance your marketing.

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