Discover Performance Marketing

Performance is about delivering tactical, accountable and measurable results; all bound by client-led success metrics; ranging from KPI delivery to risk & reward remuneration. Driven by the ethos of Performance Marketing, we absolutely insist on being held to account and relish the challenge of you setting objectives and goals for us to achieve.
It must be something in our competitive nature!

    Performance Marketing

    As a digital agency we thrive on success which can only be measured by how happy our clients are. We can work in many ways but we are in our element when we are challenged to deliver high volume traffic to clients through tactical, accountable and measurable results, coupled with us being led by client-led success metrics. Perhaps it’s a case of achieving monthly KPI’s? Or we work to a pure risk and reward model of only being paid for results? Found have continually delivered for our clients and we’re not afraid to put our money where our mouth is. In order to excel in digital marketing, you have to live and breathe it and that’s what our team does, day in day out with their Performance Marketing campaigns.

    CPA, the risk-free marketing model

    CPA (Cost per Action) is a risk-free Performance Marketing payment model that means you don’t have to worry about marketing costs with no return, because you are only paying for the sales or the leads we generate.

    By providing our clients with a guaranteed CPA (whether this be a percentage of the basket value or a fixed value per lead), it is our responsibility to construct an effective marketing campaign that delivers conversions for you.

    As our revenue is directly related to your success, the CPA model ensures we are always striving to deliver more.

    CPA & PPC make great partners

    CPA and PPC (pay-per-click) go hand in hand. Campaigns are built with ROI in mind, allowing keywords to be paused or expanded upon as and when they are delivering, or supporting, conversions for our clients.

    PPC, unlike SEO (search engine optimisation) can be managed in real-time, allowing continual optimisation of your campaign.

    Controlled ROI

    CPA enables you to manage your budget to a controlled ROI, from a fixed percentage of basket value to a fixed cost per lead.

    No time limitation

    We’re not limited by time. With the management fee model, Found’s time allocation on a campaign can be restricted. CPA allows us to manage time against the opportunity. If we can provide greater return for even more time and cost investment, it’s in our best interest to do so!

    Optimisation motivation

    Perhaps you have previously worked with an agency on a percentage of spend basis, where there is little motivation to optimise your account to the maximum? Whilst we will entertain a percentage of spend model, we always welcome additional incentives to ensure we are always mapping our effort to your goals.

    Each CPA analyst is remunerated in line with the success of your campaign. The more they earn for you, the more they earn for themselves. This approach results in high levels of motivation to continually use their initiative and to always innovate.

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