Technology plays an integral role in digital marketing success. Along with our own bespoke plug-ins, we work with some of the best tools in the market and embed them into our ProFound platform.

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ProFound - the technology behind Found

ProFound is a proprietary platform that aggregates, indexes and analyses a vast amount of data from virtually any source to create a powerful and flexible reporting interface that offers unrivalled insight.

The Benefits of ProFound

Pro-Found In a technology-driven industry, employing the best systems and platforms is crucial to success. By harnessing the power of the top specialist solutions for tracking and monitoring, we can focus on delivering the very best online marketing campaigns.

The key strength of ProFound is the way in which it puts reporting and analysis tools in the hands of the user, allowing data to be sliced and diced to create bespoke reports without taking a degree in Computer Science. With our technology-agnostic approach we have become specialists in systems integration, aggregating data from Google Analytics, Hitwise, DC Storm, Netsuite and much more.

How it Works

The core ProFound platform pulls in hundreds of metrics from our partners that monitor and analyse every aspect of our PPC, Natural Search, Social Media and Mobile Marketing campaigns. Once the data is in our central library, we run additional processes that classify, cluster and supplement it with useful metadata. This allows us to run highly detailed analysis and is vital to gaining extra insight into complex structures such as user behaviour on Social networks.

In order to visualise all of this, we integrated an interface that allows someone without explicit knowledge of the underlying data structure to create queries using familiar language. The query-builder presents the options available in the form of “what”, “how” and “when” questions. Once results have been collected from the data library, the user can begin visualising the information using graphs, charts and other widgets.

This system allows our analysts and account managers to create bespoke dashboards for each client that display the most crucial information about the success of their campaigns.

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