The Foundry

Welcome to the Foundry. This is where we share great tools we’ve created for optimising SEO, PPC, Social and analytics performance, and more. Everything’s free, so take a look around. You can level-up your personal web projects, have a look behind the scenes of Found or offer something extra to your clients (our lips are sealed). Either way, you won’t pay a penny. It’s our good deed for the digital community. Enjoy!

    Our eureka moments have become global hits

    Our gadgets and gizmos start life deep in the minds of our SEO gurus and developers. Their ideas normally surface when they’re finding ways to improve search performance and lead generation for clients. We build them. We test them. Then we share. Our in-house innovations have been used across the world (Finland, Venezuela, Mongolia, you name it). We’re proud as punch. And we’ve always got a new developments bubbling away, so visit again soon.

    • SEO Audit Tool

      Launched: April 2012

      FOUND. SEO-Tool

      10,000 unique domains checked in first 10 months

      • Make your website more visible to search engines
      • Check issues with keywords, meta data and links
      • Fix problems with sitemaps and duplicated homepages (domain canonicalisation)
      • Save reports or export as .pdf files

      Could your site be higher in the search rankings? This tool audits basic SEO performance. By It provides a step-by-step breakdown of potential issues and suggestions of how to fix them. Just enter a domain and away you go. You can re-audit as often as you like too for continual improvements. It gets your SEO essentials spick and span and helps you gain ground in the search rankings turf war. Let battle commence.

    • SEO audit tool for iOS

      Launched: December 2012
      • FOUND. SEO-Tool Mobile

        Downloaded in over 48 countries in first month of launch

        • iOS version of our popular audit tool
        • Optimised for mobile devices
        • Check SEO performance on the fly

        This is a lightweight version of our popular SEO audit tool (above), beautifully optimised for iPhones and iPads (we love building apps). Download it for free from the App Store and check your basic SEO performance on the fly. The clean interface displays a neat overview of potential issues that you can address to help inch ahead of the competition in the search rankings. And, like our web-based version, your reports can be saved or exported as .pdf files. What are you waiting for?

      • Keyword PPC Concatenation Tool

        Launched: July 2012

        FOUND's Ultimate PPC Keyword Concatenation Tool

        16,000 keyword lists built by 4,500 unique users in first 6 months

        • Create hundreds of keyword permutations in seconds
        • Great for PPC campaign management
        • Auto-remove duplicated keywords
        • Cleanse special characters for Google AdWords

        The Ultimate PPC Keyword Concatenation Tool was developed in collaboration with our experienced PPC Analyst team team to help create large lists of keywords with ease. The tool generates keyword lists by allowing the user to intuitively combine lists of words in every combination, adding match types or cleansing special characters for Google Adwords along the way. We’re used to making huge Keyword lists quickly and we’re fed up with most of the other free tools out there so here’s our own solution.

      • Contact Form 7 Analytics plugin

        Launched: March 2012

        Contact Form 7 Analytics by Found

        3,500 downloads in first ten months

        • Seamless integration with CF7 plugin
        • Key analytics info included in form submission emails
        • See where your leads are coming from and the keywords used to find you

        Using Contact Form 7? Our WordPress plugin tracks your form submissions and works with Google Analytics to reveal where your visitors came from. Valuable information like traffic source or the keywords used to find you are displayed neatly in your form submission emails, making it a doddle to track your campaigns and stay on top of your numbers.

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