AI vs Humans : 3 major reasons why Paid Media still needs supervision
Published on 8th March 2018

It’s estimated that by 2030, 30% of UK jobs could be taken over by robots…

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Safari adblocking
Advertisers bite into Apple over new ad-blockers in Safari 11
Published on 16th October 2017

Major digital advertising and marketing organisations have condemned Apple’s plan to introduce cookie-blocking technology into…

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Ad Blockers
Ad blockers: the forgivable or the damned?
Published on 21st August 2017

Over the last few years, online advertising has continued to expand its already vast reaches….

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Gmail to stop scanning emails
Google to stop reading your emails for Gmail ads – but will this make Gmail ads less effective?
Published on 3rd August 2017

Google recently announced, that it’s going to withdraw from one of its more controversial practices,…

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Google brand safety
Brand safety on Google – Our position
Published on 23rd March 2017

Brand safety is one of the hot topics in digital right now, and rightly so….

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Google shopping headline
Google shows more desktop shopping ads this season
Published on 18th November 2016

Christmas 2016 is coming and Google is getting festive by dramatically increasing the number of…

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Seismic shifts in the paid search landscape
Published on 29th July 2016

Google rolls out Expanded Texts Ads, device bidding and responsive display ads. On Tuesday Google…

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Native advertising
What you need to know about Native Advertising
Published on 5th July 2016

Paid Media Strategies series #1: Native Advertising. In the first in this paid media series,…

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Facebook ads
Facebook Advertising: Staying Connected to your Customers
Published on 13th April 2016

With 936 million people logging in to Facebook every day, revealing more and more about…

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