Whose Search Data is it Anyway? – Firefox to encrypt referring search strings
Published on 3rd July 2012

One of the key reporting metrics returned by website analytics programs such as Google Analytics…

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Google ignores EU warning and implements privacy policy
Published on 1st March 2012

Despite warnings that the change may violate European laws over the use of data Google…

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Rich Snippet Star Ratings – What is Acceptable?
Published on 28th February 2012

Rich snippets, the name given to star ratings and other structured data which can appear…

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The Daily Mail Embraces SEO
Published on 17th February 2012

Internet marketing research firm, comScore, has reported that the Daily Mail has become the most visited newspaper…

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SEO - Top Marketing Platform for SMEs
SEO – Top Marketing Platform for SMEs
Published on 8th December 2011

The small business networking website Merchant Circle surveyed 2,500 of their members and asked them which single…

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