SOPA & PIPA – The digital blackout
SOPA & PIPA – The digital blackout
Published on 18th January 2012

If you haven’t read about SOPA and PIPA then it’s certainly worth doing so. The…

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Google Search Personalisation
Google Exposes ‘Your World’ to Social Search
Published on 11th January 2012

Yesterday, Google launched Search plus Your World, which caused quite a stir among the SEO and social world. These features are aimed at improving search by placing your world within the results, which means greater personalisation. I will briefly outline the features as well as looking at some thoughts from the industry.

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Found’s cocktails rocked at the A4U party!
Published on 19th October 2011

Found has just returned from another excellent A4UExpo conference where Found co-sponsored the official networking…

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2011 - A year in Retrospect
Found Search Predictions For 2011
Published on 3rd February 2011

Found features in today’s issue of NMA as part of their Search Expert Predictions for…

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