Infographic – The Power of Pinterest
Published on 21st March 2012

Did you know about Pinterest’s testing of Skimlinks? Skimlinks are an innovative piece of kit which…

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Found up for 5 Awards at this year’s Performance Marketing Awards
Published on 1st March 2012

Found’s innovative skills and client results for our Search, Social, Mobile and Affiliate work is…

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Pinterest and the prickly issue of affiliate disclosure
Published on 24th February 2012

This week I’ve read with interest the commentary posted on the Digital Trends website earlier…

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The Real Reason Behind the Return of MySpace’s Users
Published on 16th February 2012

News broke this week that the once fledgling social network, MySpace, has added 1m users…

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Step Aside Usain Bolt – Social Media is the Fastest Force on the Planet
Published on 10th February 2012

Today saw an interesting success story unfold in the gaming industry as Double Fine, a…

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Sweet! Digital Media is Free!
Published on 6th February 2012

Apparently, digital is free! Okay, while P&G’s CEO, Robert McDonald, doesn’t actually say anything as naive as…

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Twitter Brand Pages Hit The UK
Published on 2nd February 2012

Today is another milestone in the evolution of Twitter as UK brand pages arrive on…

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Google: All Your Searches Belong to Plus
Published on 30th January 2012

Google made an interesting update on their Google+ page this week, listing 50 things that…

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Wiki Sopa Blackout
SOPA & PIPA Continued…
Published on 18th January 2012

If you haven’t read about SOPA and PIPA then you should now. Why should YOU…

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