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The influencer world can be difficult to understand. With so many different options out there, it is challenging to match your brand with the perfect influencers. With an estimated £790m due to be spent on influencer marketing in the next year, now – more than ever – is the time to be thinking about who – and where – is best worth investing in.

This is what Found does best, curating and sourcing the world’s best creatives and facilitating award-winning partnerships with brands.

In this fresh new series, we look at the opportunity micro influencers can provide brands through the lens of London Streetwear - and why it’s not all about using influencers with followers in the millions.

We're going to take you on a journey with three very unique individuals, who each highlight different aspects of the impact an influencer can offer a brand.

Being an influencer is so much more than vanity metrics and selfies…



Open_Quotation If it's not something I love, I can't work with the brand. Closed_Quotation



Favourite brand (to work with)

Clarks Originals

Engagement rate


Most engaged city

New York


For the first episode, we caught up with Londoner Geo in his natural habitat, Brick Lane. Geo is the perfect example of the kind of influencer every brand should be looking for; honest, full of integrity and ready to get creative with a brief.

Geo epitomises the true potential of a micro influencer. With a follower count that sits at 21k, what makes Geo stand out is his insane engagement rate of 19.01%.

Research has shown that average engagement rate for Influencers with less than 100k followers is 3%, demonstrating just how much Geo is killing it, just like he did in multiple Clarks Originals campaigns with us. After catching up with him, it became clear why he’s rising above the industry standard.


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Geo is the exact type of influencer Found loves to introduce to brands. No two campaigns are the same for us, as we take a holistic and bespoke approach to finding you influencers that are the perfect fit. With 19.09% engagement rate and 21k followers, Geo would be likely to actually get you more engagement than a macro influencer with over 100k followers (with an industry average engagement rate of 1.1%).

Forming partnerships with influencers that will contribute and add value to the success of your overall digital marketing strategy – rather than linking you up with a standardised, recycled list of talent – is essential. Instead of influencer marketing, we like to call it marketing with influencers.

After chatting to Geo, one thing that stood out to us above everything else is his understanding, appreciation and complete commitment to his followers, as well as his awareness of the trends and developments in the streetwear space.

This authenticity and passion for his craft is what makes his audience so loyal and engaged, and why brands should be eager to work with Geo.

Jessy Law


Open_Quotation The secret is to stay authentic to yourself. Closed_Quotation



Favourite brand (to work with)

Urban Outfitters

Engagement rate


Most engaged city

New York


For the second episode we wanted to take a deeper dive into the mindset of a micro influencer and examine the sort of energy brands should be looking for in an influencer.

Genuine passion and cultural awareness is key to becoming a successful influencer. In celebration of Air Max Day, one of the biggest calendar dates in any streetwear officianado’s calendar, we headed to Offspring and caught up with the queen of sneakers to find out more about what started her obsession with all things Air Max.

Foundfluencer Ep.02: Jessy Law

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What sets Jessy Law apart is how authentic and genuine her passion for sneakers and the culture that surrounds Air Max is. In terms of what this can offer a brand, remember that a true influencer will have the ability to take your brief and make content that promotes your product in a way that understands, engages and contributes towards a cultural movement.

Research shows that 77% of micro influencers create content every day, and 48% post more frequently than macro influencers. This is something we’re always on a keen lookout for when scouting an influencer for an upcoming campaign - how often are they posting and how authentic is their content.

If, like Jessy, content is full and vibrant, that is a testament to the influencer’s expertise, then you are onto a winner. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that in the last 2 months alone, Jessy has worked with Sloggi, Adidas, Nike, Reebok and ASOS.

Above everything else, what marketing with influencers really boils down to is one simple requirement; it needs to capture attention and make people take action. Whether that’s signing up to an event, swiping up to purchase, or simply saving a post for a later purchase consideration, it is important that the creative content inspires an audience to take action.

An individual that knows how to do exactly that is Kish Kash…

Kish Kash


Open_Quotation Everyone has an influence on everyone else. Closed_Quotation



Top 3 Air Jordans

4 Bred, III, Shadow

Engagement rate


Most engaged city



For the last instalment of the Streetwear Foundfluencer series, we wanted to look at how influencers have the ability to take their craft above and beyond promoting brand products. An individual who nails this is North London’s Kish Kash, the man behind Spair Max Day, a charity initiative that saw influencer-driven action taken offline, with over 400 pairs of Air Max sneakers donated to Brixton Soup Kitchen and the homeless.

We headed to Kish’s favourite spot, Truffles Deli, to get the low down on the journey that led him to Spair Max Day.

Foundfluencer Ep.03: Kish Kash

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Kish has taken his passion for sneakers and created a platform that has brought people together to spread positive influence around the London community, as well as elevating and promoting big brands along the way. He’s a great example of a content creator that is looking to inspire his followers and give something back.

As Kish pointed out, everyone has the ability to have an influence on anyone. There’s a level of responsibility that comes with being an influencer and it was great to talk to Kish and understand what this means to him.

To find the perfect micro influencer, you must look for genuine passion, cultural awareness and authenticity. As these three individuals demonstrate, these ingredients lead to a platform of highly engaged followers that offer endless potential for your brand and that next big campaign.


  • Alex Gildea Trott, Zach Hughes


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