Did you know that 98% of B2B purchases start online? Before there’s any human interaction, the vast majority of a buyer’s experience is digital. So, your B2B digital marketing strategy really needs to impress.

Unique businesses come with unique challenges

B2B companies face a unique set of challenges — from customers that are getting more digitally connected by the minute, to retaining growth and building your brand. However, the number one challenge is doing it all cohesively, and that’s the thing about us — we see challenges as opportunities.

Unlike other agencies, we don’t get caught up in trying to fix segments of your marketing strategy, like SEO and content. We take a moment and think about how it should all work together, before getting stuck into the nitty-gritty. Any good marketing strategy should be tailored specifically to your business - so we like to think smarter, broader and bolder.

B2B businesses need a digital strategy, not just for today's needs — but for tomorrow’s, too. And helping companies improve lead generation, conversion rates, and sales opportunities is the first step to our approach.

  • You need to improve your lead to sale ratio — but you don't really know where to start planning.
  • You understand your decision maker audience — but you struggle to find ways to reach and target them.
  • You know you need to reduce the high cost of your leads — but you're unclear how to do this without the quality suffering.
  • Customer journeys happen online — but you want to give them a personalised experience at every step of the way.
  • Your target audience is quite broad, and there are plenty potential customers — but you want to promote brand loyalty and satisfaction of service.

Give us problems, we'll give you solutions. And we'll do it by focusing on decision makers - it's a lot of fun trying to convert a CEO or CTO - the possibilities are endless.

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We're experts you can trust.


When it comes to getting your marketing right, there is so much opportunity in today's digital landscape. But it all comes down to identifying opportunity and tailoring strategies. Our Web of Moments approach puts an end to digital rabbit holes and using channels, or marketing strategies, that don’t deliver. Instead, we look at things holistically — and make sure every interaction, every click, creates a meaningful impression. Sounds great, right? Well, it is.

Our digital philosophy is simple: we want your brand and your products to be represented authentically. That means using a strategy that works for your whole company through channels that feel true to you. We build relationships, step by step and click by click. And we build them to last for life because that’s how we get results. It’s not just about PR and content, or paid media and SEO. It’s about seeing how they can work together, for your needs and for lifelong customers.

That’s why we’re not about fads, we’re about bespoke digital strategies that work for you and your business. Our aim is to help B2B companies generate sales leads, launch campaigns, attract more customers and gain visibility and trust.

Results, Results, Results

When Questback wanted to better serve the needs of its B2B audience, our target was to improve the website’s organic performance. We focused on helping them connect their specialist content with the people who wanted to discover it.

And as a result, the number of users visiting the core product pages via relevant organic search terms increased by 37% in one month, against a seasonally predicted increase of just 4%. The site’s visibility for these terms also grew a whopping 52%.

When Randstad Sourceright approached Found, they were looking for a multi-channel strategy that would give them short-term results, as well as lay the foundations for long-term growth.

The results? 1.56 million impressions, a 24% increase in organic traffic that resulted in 160 new contacts, and a decreased paid media CPA of 44%.

Truth is, B2B is changing quickly and is saturated with competition. Often marketers will use strategies that waste both time and budget, but we offer solutions that are different. When it comes to working with B2B clients, we aim to predict where the biggest gains will come from, for the least amount of resource. And we're not just interested in a good use of resource, we're interested in the best use of resource - that's what gets great results.

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Brands trust us. So, it's no coincidence that we were voted Best Large Integrated Search Agency and Best Performance Biddable Agency of the Year in 2017. In fact, we were downright chuffed about it.

But while awards are great, we’re all about the results. Found is a balanced blend of the best-in-class AI solutions and over 50 years of combined B2B experience. This means we can predict where resource needs to be focused for the largest return; we call this predictive gain. And it's what helps companies improve lead generation, conversion rates, and sales opportunities.

We see beyond the numbers, while still delivering them. If you're looking for a holistic approach when building your digital marketing strategy, give us a shout.