eCommerce is here to stay. If people are buying, they’re probably buying online — or they will be eventually. eCommerce is a trillion pound business — expected to hit £3.1 trillion by 2021.

Not just Customers, but the Right Customers

Only 14% of retail sales in the UK are made through eCommerce. So, there's still a lot of opportunity out there.

But to make the most of it, you have to connect with consumers — with the right consumers - the ones who are going to lead to sales. One of the biggest challenges for eCommerce marketers is finding ways to connect with the best audience for their brand.

The secret? Use data to gain a competitive advantage and then watch your eCommerce sales soar.

Did you know that 95% of online users think that websites found through search engines are the leaders in the industry? This means that the make-up of your digital strategy really matters.

And with so many clients asking us to create and manage their all-important Google Shopping campaigns, it's evident that brands are interested in using all available tactics when trying to market their products. The days of putting all your eggs in one basket are long gone.

It’s no longer just about SEO or finding the perfect content, it’s about all the elements working together — and predicting the future. So, you need a digital agency that’s all about planning ahead, thinking out-of-the-box when creating a digital strategy, and that knows how to utilise a fully integrated data attribution model.

  • Consumers have far too many brands to choose from  — but you have to break away from the noise and stand out from the competition.
  • Your target audience is made up of people with varied buying behaviors — but you have to find the right ones for your product and your brand.
  • Customer demands and needs are changing — but you want to stay ahead of the curve and offer the best customer service possible.
  • Your customers choose you for some things, and your competitors for others — but you want brand loyalty and repeat business.

Every agency that's earned their stripes has a "best practice" rulebook. And that's fine, for some, but not for us. Our goal isn't just to do good work that meets best practice, it's to do great work that's best for purpose

Natural search SEO

Trust the experts.


Looking at marketing through a Web of Moments lens means we can take the vast digital terrain and break it down into moments of opportunity — where brands can connect with customers in a meaningful way.

Our digital philosophy is simple: we want your brand and products to be represented authentically. We understand your needs, but also your customer's needs — that’s why our approach to eCommerce marketing actually makes a difference.

Marketing for eCommerce is all about connecting with the right audience through channels that feel true to your business. Rather than focusing on the end goal, it's about making sure that every interaction and engagement creates a relationship between you and your target audience. It’s all about thinking holistically — and when it comes to conversion rates, this is what really works.

By combining the less technical elements of your marketing strategy, like PR and content, with technical activity like paid media and SEO, we can predict where the biggest gains will come from, for the least amount of resource.

Bespoke Approaches, For Meaningful Results

Funky Pigeon is one of the most recognisable brands in the UK, and when competition grew, they wanted to take things up a notch. Luckily, we knew just how to do it. Using advanced analytics, we tailor-made copy for 350 ad groups for their Father’s Day campaign.

The results? 210% YoY uplift in paid revenue and 1763% ROI. We can’t take credit for the jingle though — that was all them.

In the case of Fender, the infamous guitar brand, something different was needed. The brand wanted to make a splash with the people who matter the most. Through multiple hyper-granular campaigns across YouTube, Facebook, and Google Display Network, we got the views they wanted - lots of views. In fact, they gained 8.9M impressions on Youtube at a cost of just £0.01 per view. Not bad, if we do say so ourselves.

But for some brands, it’s not just about the views — Sportswear brand Canterbury needed to up their sales and defend their share of the market from thrifty competitors.

  • The challenge: to attract even the savviest of customers.
  • The solution: use perfectly timed campaigns for rugby-lovers.
  • The results: a growth of search marketing ROI from 862% to 2,481%, at a CPA of just £2 — oh, and a 437% increase in mobile device visits.
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Conversion rates, brand growth and doing a stellar job should be what all agencies aim for when it comes to their clients. But at Found, we like to think that we can see beyond numbers and industry standards. Our goal is to predict where the biggest gains will come from, for the least amount of resource.

We're not just interested in using your budget well, we're interested in using it in the best way possible. Our process combines some of the best tools on the market and over 50 years of combined eCommerce experience.

And if you think awards are proof of how good we are, we’ve got those too. We were named Best Large Integrated Search Agency and Agency of the Year for B2C Marketing in 2017 - you can see all our awards here.

If you think it's time to increase your eCommerce sales, utilise a fully integrated data attribution model, and start using data for a competitive advantage that works for you, let's chat.