The Travel & Hospitality sector is thriving, as 78% of millennials would rather spend money on an experience than a purchase. They want to travel, they want to experiment, they want to dive in. It’s an exciting time, and there’s a lot of potential — but also a lot of competition.

It's about experiences, not stuff.

You’ve done the work. You have an exciting, unique experience that your customers love. And you know they’re out there.

The problem: an industry saturated with competition — and knowing how to break out of it.

The answer: think digital.

85% of travellers use mobile devices to book travel, so you need to stand out.

And that means looking beyond social and SEO, it means thinking bigger than PPC and content. It means seeing the broader picture — and knowing how they can all work together, with a complete digital strategy that understands the needs of the travel and hospitality world. There are definitely challenges, but there are also solutions:

  • Organic growth is hard to come by — but you want your reach to be authentic.
  • It’s a constantly disrupted industry — but you want a loyal audience.
  • Your customers want an increasingly personalised service — but you need to connect with them first.
  • There are too many channels to choose from — and you don’t want to spend money where it doesn’t count.

The solution? Moving beyond the traditional approach and embracing holistic strategies.

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Our approach is different. With our Web of Moments goggles on, we break down the vast digital space into moments of opportunity. No more funnels, no more forcing, no more throwing content out there and seeing what sticks. Our digital philosophy ensures that your brand is represented, authentically and with your own voice, and that you’re connected with customers through channels that feel true to you.

Our goal is to maximise every interaction and engagement to build up a relationship between you and your audience. And our approach is holistic, blending PR and content with paid media and SEO. First, we engage an audience with your message. Then — and only then — do we focus on the transactions. We’re all about the results, after all.

From making a splash with younger demographics to curating the perfect package for luxury hotels, we offer bespoke digital strategies that actually deliver.

Varying Approaches For Targeted Results

Thomas Cook wanted to put their 18-30  Club on the map. With 25 videos, leading influencers, and the top media outlets, we put them to the front of the pack. They wanted an end-to-end Youth Marketing solution — and with 14 million impressions and 800k engagements, we made them the go-to place for #LegendaryHolidays.

But that strategy wouldn’t work with Hand Picked Hotels — and we knew that. This small group of luxury country hotels needed a soft-touch approach, with a hyper-granular paid search campaigns and a nuanced social media drive. And that’s exactly how we delivered a 76% leap in bookings. They also wanted 15% increase in enquiries — so we gave them 32%.

For YHA, they felt that their company needed long-term growth and more brand loyalty. So we created a video series of hostel hacking tips shared through key influencers and leading media outlets, like LifeHackerSidetracked Magazine and Go World Travel. We didn’t just give the YHA 1.3 million impressions, we gave them a 532% ROI — and a 50% increase in Youtube subscribers. Talk about loyalty!

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There’s a reason these brands trust us. It’s not just our awards, though as awards go being named the Best Large Integrated Search Agency and Agency of the Year for B2C Marketing doesn’t hurt. Neither does winning B2C Marketing Campaign of the Year, Best Use of Search – B2C, or the B2C Marketing Campaign of the Year. In fact, we were downright chuffed. But we started out as a CPA, so while awards are great, we’re all about the results.

Found sees beyond the numbers, while still delivering them. If you need a holistic approach that worls, find out how a Web of Moments can transform your digital presence by getting in touch