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David Arenas


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David Arenas

Before studying for a Bachelors in Information Technology in Spain, I started learning programming languages in my spare time. An interest in design patterns and database architecture, especially in relation to web programming, meant a career in digital was a clear path for me. I had already worked in Madrid and Aldershot as web developer before deciding that I wanted to pursue a new challenge, so I moved to London to find a job in the digital industry. So here I am working with the awesome team at Found! My favourite days are when a new site-build lands and I start from scratch, planning the project and making the right decisions to ensure the success of the project. I also like it when problems arise, having to figure out where errors are and solve them is a real challenge and one that suits me perfectly because of my high attention to small details. Outside of work I spend a lot of time exploring London with my girlfriend, as the city is new for both of us, and there are so many hidden places to discover. I also like playing sports, cycling to work and watching movies.

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