Need international exposure? International SEO can be complicated, so if you want your efforts to span the globe, careful consideration and planning are required.


If you’re a brand with offices around the world, international SEO is an opportunity you can’t afford not to tap into.

In a nutshell, International SEO is used to attract users from all over the world. It begins with optimizing a website so that search engines can easily identify which regions and language-speakers are being targeted by your content. It sounds deceptively simple.

Yet, for large sites, internationalisation is the most complex aspect of SEO - something which Google themselves have stated. Getting international SEO wrong means lost conversions when your users are shown the wrong region / language content in search results.

It might be easier to think of international SEO as a form of geo-targeting, but instead of optimising a website to attract local traffic, you're optimising it for different countries and languages.

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Adding international SEO to your digital strategy mix is one of the wisest choices you could make for your business, but there’s a lot to consider. Success is found in the finer details, the ones that most brands don’t realise should be considered. For example, if the word for “restaurant” needs to be translated in multiple ways in the language you’re trying to target, failing to do so could make a huge difference to your SEO’s effectiveness.

But it’s not just the words that matter, it’s the search engines too. It’s essential to know what search engines are the most popular in the respective countries you’re trying to target. And if you’re going international, you’ve got to consider the rules and regulations for each country – think of the GDPR changes in Europe and how data collection for marketing has been flipped on its head.

Working with Found on International SEO

As with most things, competition is high when it comes to international SEO — so you’ll need the help of an expert if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd. We’re not just talking about tweaking a few SEO phrases, if you want to get noticed you’ll need ALL your content be internationally SEO-optimized.

At Found, we’ll deal with all the technical aspect of international SEO so you don’t have to. We look at everything from ccTLD and gTLD to Hreflang and Parameters – no SEO stone is left unturned. Hreflang, the technical directive which governs international SEO for Google, brings together everything that can be complex about large dynamic sites and then amplifies it.

Starting with an international SEO audit of your website, we make sure that you’re hitting all traffic and visibility targets in no time. And your competitors are put under the microscope too. We look at industry competition levels, as well as behaviour and characteristics of the international market, and make sure that your brand is ticking all the right boxes.

If international SEO sounds like a good idea, then we’d be happy to help. Give us a call, or drop us an email and we’ll sort you out.

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