The darker side of ‘sponcon’ and how can brands avoid being caught out
Published on 15th February 2019

‘How to become an influencer’ is now searched for over 6.5k times a month in…

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Social Media Apps Mobile
Social Media Stats To Shape Your 2019 Social Strategy
Published on 14th February 2019

You may think that for Found it’s only about the glitz and glamour of the Social…

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Why Artificial Intelligence is the future of SEO
Published on 11th February 2019

Artificial intelligence is a fascinating subject to me. Not only will it change the future…

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Could Influencers Be The Answer To The High Street Crisis?
Published on 8th February 2019

It’s no secret that high street retailers are no longer our first choice when it…

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Found Show Reel Camera
Found 2019 Attention Showreel
Published on 5th February 2019

In late 2017, Found joined forces with Disrupt and it’s been an amazing journey since. Known…

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Social Media and Influencer News – January Roundup
Published on 30th January 2019

Although the first month of 2019 brought no further clarity on Brexit, there was a…

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Why Instagram Should Be Your MVP This Year
Published on 28th January 2019

Whilst best known for selfies, pet accounts and general showboating, Instagram can be a powerful marketing…

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Is Social Media Making Us All Sad?
Published on 18th January 2019

The links between mental health and social media have been pretty prominent in the headlines…

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How Google interprets search intent
Published on 16th January 2019

In the early days of Google, the algorithm relied heavily upon things like keyword density,…

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