Highlights from Google Marketing Live 2024

Here are our main takeaways from Google Marketing Live 2024.



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Kimara Saldanha, Head of PPC

AI & Machine Learning, General News, Google Algorithm Updates, Paid Search (PPC),

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24 May 2024

Last week, Google Marketing Live 2024 offered an exciting glimpse into the future of advertising, showcasing how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming media, creative processes, and measurement methodologies.

As a proud Google Premier Partner agency, we had the privilege of attending the event in person, and we are thrilled to share our top takeaways.

These advancements herald a new era of advertising, marked by unprecedented efficiency, creativity, and precision. So, here are our main takeaways:

1) Gross Profit Optimisation is Coming

This feature promises to revolutionise campaign strategies by enabling advertisers to target profit directly. According to Google, campaigns optimised for gross profit can achieve up to 15% better performance.

This will allow for seamless transitions between Max Value/TROAS and Profit targets without disrupting campaign performance – providing advertisers with unparalleled flexibility and control.

2) Lower Audience List Thresholds to Just 100

Plenty of small and medium-sized businesses have been struggling to meet the current (higher) audience size requirements, limiting their ability to leverage first-party data effectively. With this change, running Demand Generation campaigns are going to become more accessible, enabling advertisers to use their valuable data to enhance ad performance.

This democratisation of access means that even more businesses can benefit from the sophisticated targeting and personalisation strategies available, levelling the playing field.

3) Performance Max Asset-Level Reporting

We’re going to able to see detailed metrics for each asset, including placement and exclusion details for YouTube. By offering granular insights into how individual assets perform, advertisers will be able to fine-tune their strategies with greater precision.

This level of detail will support better optimisation decisions and help marketers to better understand which creative elements resonate most with their audiences and where improvements can be made.

The ability to drill down into asset performance will undoubtedly lead to more effective campaigns and higher returns on investment for brands.

4) AI-Powered Search Ads

Users will be able to upload pictures to help tailor their searches and discover how retailers can meet their needs through Generative AI responses.

The demand for (and usage of) image-enhanced search will only set to increase as users become more aware of this new search method and AI-generated recommendations are set to become a natural part of users’ search experiences (and , thus, a part of paid search advertising).

5) Enhanced Brand Creative Controls for Performance Max & Demand Generation

In a world where brand consistency is paramount, Google’s enhanced brand creative controls for Performance Max and Demand Generation campaigns are a welcome addition. Advertisers can upload reference images to guide Google’s AI in customising and tailoring suggested assets to align with brand guidelines. This includes matching brand colours and fonts, ensuring that all creative elements reflect the brand’s identity accurately.

These controls provide a balance between automation and personalization, allowing brands to maintain their unique voice and aesthetic while benefiting from AI-driven efficiencies.

Google Marketing Live 2024 has demonstrated that the future of advertising lies at the intersection of AI and creativity. The innovations unveiled at the event promise to empower advertisers with more sophisticated tools and insights, enabling them to drive better performance and achieve their business goals.

As a Google Premier Partner, we are excited to leverage these advancements to deliver exceptional results for our clients. The potential here is immense, and we look forward to exploring these capabilities further.

What are your thoughts on these exciting updates from Google Marketing Live 2024? How do you envision these changes impacting your advertising strategies?