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The search landscape has undergone a significant shift, extending way beyond traditional search engines.

With 40% of Gen Z initiating searches on social media and an increasing number of queries generated in-browser, traditional search rules no longer apply.

Search marketing goes much further than conventional search engine success. It’s about capturing visibility, commanding attention and maximising performance across every searchable platform.

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Multi-channel marketing is a familiar concept, but in search marketing, it’s a whole new ballgame. From social media and e-commerce to video-sharing and music-streaming, search is everywhere.

Our trademarked Everysearch™ approach addresses this seismic shift, reshaping how companies navigate digital marketing to thrive in a competitive, fast-paced landscape brimming with opportunities.

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“A key challenge we face is that businesses are finding it challenging to keep up with the shifting demands in consumer behaviour, and rightly so. The digital space has never been more complex but in order to remain competitive, companies must truly understand how their audiences are searching online and how this behaviour has adapted over time.”

Natalie Patel – Managing Director

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Measuring Everysearch™


Luminr, our proprietary Everysearch™ platform, serves as our AI lens to the entire searchable web, seamlessly consolidating a diverse array of search results into one cohesive interface. Offering unparalleled insights, Luminr delves deep into every aspect of search performance – from the attention you’re capturing to the influence you’re having, and the strategic moves your customers and competitors are making.

There’s no other platform like it to understand your market, your brand’s performance within it, and to help you get ahead of the competition (and stay there). Offering unparalleled insights, Luminr delves deep into every aspect of search performance – from the attention you’re capturing to the influence you’re having, and the strategic moves your customers and competitors are making.

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Winning through search performance expertise

As performance marketing experts, we’re not content to be passengers when it comes industry evolution – we’re behind the steering wheel. Well positioned to guide clients through this transformative practice, our expertise isn’t a badge; it’s a responsibility and an opportunity to get you ahead of your competition, and keep you there. Found is leading the charge for brand success, while redefining industry standards.

Harry Williams

Head of Growth

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Tom Brand

Director of Growth

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Winning through Google’s AI Overviews

Google’s AI Overviews has transformed the search landscape, allowing users to pose complex questions and receive nuanced overviews. Brands now compete not just with rivals but with platforms, affiliates, influencers, and the general population. At Found, we will make sure your brand is a player in this field.

Dan Fernandez

Head of SEO

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Kim Saldanha

Head of PPC

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Winning through social & influencer

At Found, we understand the pivotal role of influencer marketing in the digital landscape. As a dynamic force in the industry, influencer marketing isn’t just witnessing remarkable growth; it’s become a cornerstone in the ever-evolving search environment. From shaping search outcomes within social platforms to featuring brands prominently in Perspectives, influencer marketing is an integral avenue for achieving Everysearch™ success.

Lauren Ahluwalia

Head of Paid Social

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Chantelle Duff

Business Director

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Winning through data & AI

In the dynamic search landscape, data and AI take centre stage. Whether your brand is laying the groundwork for data excellence or gearing up for an AI-fuelled transformation, Found is your compass. We navigate your data journey, turning it into a powerhouse for marketing decisions that aren’t just factual but also pack a punch.

Lucy Bradford

Head of Client Experience

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James Wolman

Head of Innovation

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Tailored SEO solutions that drive impactful results across every searchable platform.


Smart PPC campaigns leveraging data, AI, and creative thinking to target the right audiences.

Paid Social

Fresh, creatively-led paid social strategies that reach the right users, at the right time.


Concise and impactful programmatic marketing campaigns that connect with your target audience.


Data-driven and audience first digital marketing strategy to unlock success and adapt to a changing world.

Digital PR

DPR campaigns that raise brand awareness, educate your target audience, and secure valuable links.

Content Marketing

Original and authentic content marketing that connects with your audience and increases online visibility.


Digital storytelling, strategic design, and creative production that is built for the digital world.


Model, protect, and unlock the potential of all of your digital marketing data and innovative AI.


Turn your data into digital currency. Define, track, and enable action on your business KPIs.

Data Science

Use the power of machine learning to supercharge your decision-making. Don't guess the future; predict it.


Turn clicks into revenue with results-driven conversion strategies that maximise ROI.

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