Found Invest in Everysearch™

Found invests £1 million to create UK-first audience insight technology.



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Natalie Patel, Managing Director

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07 Jun 2024

25 Jun 2024

Found’s proprietary technology, created by our in-house team of engineers and AI experts to provide cutting-edge audience insight data from multiple networks, platforms and marketplaces, is a first of its kind market development.

It provides detailed insights into audience habits, helping to establish market positions and determine how best to spend marketing budget wherever the customer is, whatever platform they are on, and whoever drives their motivation.

Why Everysearch™?

The Found team have spent two years developing the revolutionary technology and framework after recognising how the industry was rapidly evolving and search marketing no longer being just about conventional search engines. Search now spans social platforms, marketplaces, travel portals, video sharing, and entertainment platforms. Search is everywhere. And the audience data required for marketing activity must change and adapt to reflect this change in audience behaviour.

“We are embracing change and ensuring our team and our clients are ahead of the curve with the development of Everysearch™.

Google handles over 3.5 billion searches per day however, with Facebook averaging over 2 billion and 83% of Instagram users saying the platform helps them discover new products and services, it’s time to embrace the search revolution and recognise that search is everywhere.

The audience-first approach is the way forward and our technology, data insights and expert team of creatives will change the industry and businesses. As an ambitious and dynamic agency, we strive to achieve unparalleled performance across every searchable platform.” 

Natalie Patel (Managing Director at Found, the Everysearch™ agency)

It’s simple – with 40% of Gen Z relying on social media platforms, including TikTok and Instagram, for their searches, a brand’s search visibility has never been more paramount on every relevant searchable platform. Brands need to be ahead of the curve to ensure they stay competitive.

The Everysearch™ technology will consolidate the full spectrum of search results into a unified interface, providing an Everysearch™ score and insights to help maximise performance.

Want to find out how Everysearch™ could take your business to the next level? Contact our team of search experts here.