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The Future of Search Marketing: Introducing Everysearch™ Approach

The search landscape has undergone a significant shift. Here is the future of search marketing.



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Natalie Patel, Managing Director

Digital Marketing, General News

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20 Jun 2024

25 Jun 2024

The future of search has fundamentally changed. It’s no longer just about conventional search engine success. Search is so much more than that. If you consider your own user behaviour and search habits, you’ll notice this shift. Search is everywhere. Search now spans across social media platforms, video-streaming networks, marketplaces, travel portals – the list goes on.

The future of search relies on getting a solid understanding of where your audiences are, where they are browsing online, and how you can grab their attention to ultimately get their attention and get ahead of your competitors. 

Search engine dominance & the need to adapt

Digital marketing strategies have traditionally relied on search engines such as Google and Microsoft as a fundamental backbone. While this remains true, major players like Google have recognised the need to evolve with consumer demands and changing search behaviours.

At GML 2024, Google introduced the headline ‘Search in new ways,’ powered by their new custom Gemini model. Key advancements include:

  • Quick answers with AI overviews: Already tested in Search Labs with over a billion uses, AI overviews are now being rolled out to everyone in the U.S., with more countries to follow. I’ve already seen lots of examples of these showing in the UK for more long-tail informational keywords. 
  • Simplified language and detailed breakdowns: AI overviews will offer options to simplify language or break down information for more detailed understanding.
  • Handling complex questions: Instead of breaking queries into multiple searches, users can ask in-depth, detailed questions in one go.
  • Planning ahead: Search will assist with planning tasks such as meal preparation, gym routines, and party planning, with the ability to export plans into Google Docs or Gmail.

As Google adapts to these changes, digital marketing specialists must also evolve to capture audiences across diverse platforms. Embracing these advancements ensures we reach users when it matters most, regardless of where they are browsing.

Everysearch™: The future of search marketing 

The digital landscape has changed dramatically, especially over the last five years. The way consumers discover new products has evolved. While search engines strive to be the perfect solution for discovery, they simply can’t match the effectiveness of social media. Social media excels at discoverability, and to win at search in 2024 and beyond, your brand must be discoverable online.

A new report from WARC underscores the dominance of social media as the leading media channel globally in terms of ad spend. Social media has become an integral part of the customer purchasing journey. Although traditional ‘performance’ metrics may not fully capture its value, brands are increasingly investing in social platforms due to the evolving user journey. While Google and other search engines excel in converting and driving last-click ROAS, social media plays a vital role in building brand awareness. 

Multi-channel marketing is a familiar concept but, in search marketing, it’s a whole new ballgame. Everysearch™ – a term we coined to encompass this seismic shift in the landscape – recognises the diverse word of search beyond traditional search engines. Through Found’s Everysearch™ framework, we are reshaping how companies approach their digital marketing budgets to ensure success across all customer touch points in a highly competitive, fast-paced landscape. 

“A key challenge we face is that businesses are finding it challenging to keep up with the shifting demands in consumer behaviour, and rightly so. The digital space has never been more complex but in order to remain competitive, companies must truly understand how their audiences are searching online and how this behaviour has adapted over time.”

Natalie Patel – Managing Director of Found.

3 everysearch™ trends & their impact 

1. Gen Z are setting a new standard for search 

Gen Z are changing the game in terms of search – with 40% of them initiating searches on social media platforms – brands need to be on the right platform for where their audiences are spending time online. 

Statista have showcased Gen Z’s usage of search engines and social media to look up brand information worldwide from 2016 to 2023:

Social media proves to be the more preferred and used channel for brand discovery and information for this chosen age range. 

2. The AI revolution

AI is transforming digital marketing by helping us better understand our audiences, their search behaviours, and their true needs. This enables us to present the best possible message, creative, and content at the right time in their purchasing journey. AI allows brands to scale up and personalise their efforts efficiently.

With AI, marketers can analyse vast amounts of data to uncover insights, predict customer behaviours, and optimise campaigns in real-time. AI-driven tools, one of which we’ve created, segment audiences with precision, ensuring tailored marketing efforts across all platforms. AI also significantly enhances the creative process by generating personalised content at scale, improving engagement rates and customer relationships.

Not to mention that AI gives our specialist teams the ability to automates repetitive tasks, freeing up time for strategy and innovation. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants are revolutionising customer service, providing instant, personalised responses and gathering valuable data. Brands embracing AI will stay competitive and meet customer demands effectively.

3. Integration & measurement

It’s not going to come as much surprise that integration and measurement are crucial for a successful strategy. Over the past two years, we have developed and invested significantly in our own proprietary technology to offer our clients a comprehensive view of the entire searchable web.

Luminr, our AI technology, consolidates the full spectrum of search visibility into a unified interface, providing unrivalled Everysearch™ insights into digital performance. It captures the attention brands are receiving, the influence they are having, and the actions of customers and competitors. Luminr enables Found to bring Everysearch™ to life for every client, regardless of their industry.

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Through our Everysearch™ framework and Luminr technology, Found brings calm to the digital chaos. We map where your customers are, assess your current position, and determine where you need to be so you can seize opportunities to reach customers on all relevant platforms. By creating campaigns precisely tailored for impact, we ensure standout visibility in a crowded space that delivered unparalleled digital success. 

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