We offer SEO auditing services that will give your website a fresh perspective and provide your business with a clear plan for future success. We provide actionable recommendations on technical SEO, on-site content performance, backlink profiles, or a combination of these areas.

With our SEO audit services, you’ll be able to make informed decisions on how to optimise your website and achieve your business goals.


Regular SEO audits are crucial to maintaining an optimised website and developing a successful SEO strategy.

As search engine algorithms and guidelines are constantly changing, getting an SEO audit agency like Found to properly audit your website will help identify areas for improvement and prioritise efforts to achieve greater search success. By focusing on improving the quality and performance of your website assets, through actions like on-page optimisation and content reviews, you can ensure that your off-page optimisation and link building efforts lead to the best results and maximise your business’ ROI.



Our technical SEO audits ensure that each page of your website is optimised to perform well in organic search. Your website is a complex network of pages, and each page should follow Google guidelines to improve your performance in search results.

Our technical SEO audit uses a variety of tools, including Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, Moz Pro, Majestic SEO, SEMrush, and Ahrefs. We use these tools to find errors, updates, and notifications affecting your on-page SEO and to uncover additional insights related to various elements of your website.
At Found, we use Luminr (AI-powered global search intelligence platform) to help your business identify the best keywords to target, align your content with SEO goals, and improve on-page optimisation.

By understanding your industry, company, competitors, and target audience, we can find the right keywords to help you stand out in your search space and answer your audience's queries.

Our keyword research reports include opportunities, trends, and recommended next steps, as well as segmented keyword themes to maximise your site’s potential.
We understand that website penalties can hurt your organic search rankings and traffic. Our team of experts focuses on resolving penalties caused by link issues. We offer backlink auditing services to identify the root cause of the penalty, find a solution, and get your site back on track.

Since Google Penguin, link quality is given priority over quantity. We identify low-quality links to your site, request their removal, and disavow any links not removed.

Our team has successfully helped numerous clients recover from penalties so don't let penalties ruin your organic search success.
Our team of SEO audit experts conduct thorough backlink audits to assess the impact of your site's backlink profile on its organic performance.

We use specialised tools to review your backlinks, identifying opportunities and risks while analysing low-quality websites that may harm your performance.
The outcome of our audit is an updated disavow file that removes the negative influence of bad links on your site's performance.

Additionally, a backlink audit can inform a proactive digital PR strategy to help your site build authority and increase its performance.
Our team of SEO audit experts will help you regain the traffic you deserve, regardless of the cause of the drop.

We'll begin by examining your Google Analytics data to determine precisely when your traffic began to decline. Then, we'll assess your keyword phrases, backlinks, and content quality to discover the source of your ranking issues.
Our team will also ensure that your website is being indexed correctly by search engines and is user-friendly. You'll receive a comprehensive report detailing our findings and recommended next steps.
We believe that on-site content is crucial for search engines to identify the keywords for which you can rank. That's why our content audits analyse your existing content's targeting and quality, along with recommending strategies to enhance your organic visibility over time.


We understand that not all website issues are created equal. Our SEO specialists know how to identify the issues that have the most significant negative impact on your site's performance. By prioritising these fixes, we can provide recommendations that will have the greatest impact on your organic visibility.

Our team will provide you with estimated impact and resource requirements for each recommendation, allowing you to focus on high-impact, low-resource changes that can be quickly implemented for an immediate uplift.
For changes that require more resources or have a lower impact, we'll work with you to ensure they are implemented at the right time to maximise your return on investment.


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