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David McAlinden

General Counsel

As the in-house lawyer for Found, I am responsible for all things legal. I find the subject of law fascinating, though as I collected stamps in my youth and have a strong interest in cosmology, such ‘fascination’ must be taken in context. Given the relative youth of online marketing, resulting in the mutable nature of the legislative framework governing the industry, one of my responsibilities is to ensure that Found are at the cutting-edge of the market, both in service offerings and online compliance. I’m also here to ensure that Found and its clients approach their agreements and contracts as a walk in the park rather than a headache that won’t go away. Outside the office, I enjoy acting, playing golf, choral music and singing 80’s soft rock ballads, preferably all at the same time. Few people know that I speak Irish at a remedial level of competence, despite having been forced to study it for 14 years, that my attempts at rapping make people cry and that I must always use safety scissors.

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