Found Labs

Here at Found we take innovation seriously. We actively encourage our team to put forward ideas and suggestions, however crazy or off-the-wall, for new sites, new campaigns and new technologies. We believe digital is changing at such a speed that many of the best ideas will come from the young talent on the floor and not just the strategic thinkers on the board.

    Found Labs

    The Found Labs initiative has already produced some incredibly successful projects, including,, our free online SEO and Keyword tools and analytics plugins for open-source platforms such as WordPress and Magento. Even ProFound, our reporting and analysis system, started life as a Found Labs project before becoming our key platform for gathering decision-making information.

    Ideas in development

    • FOUND's Ultimate PPC Keyword Concatenation Tool

      Project Viral

      Born from the hypothesis that there might be a science to what does and what doesn’t go viral on the web, we are creating a platform for Founders to test out their ideas. A viral leader board is being drawn up, the criteria for success are being laid down and the Founders are getting fired up to get the most shares, likes and views to take the viral crown.

    • FOUND's Ultimate PPC Keyword Concatenation Tool

      Facebook Fanalytics

      Are you in need of understanding who the most active and influential members of your Facebook community are? Do you want to understand what posts worked best, how your community is growing and who to reach out to? Then, watch this space for a tool that will provide all this information at a glance!

    • FOUND's Ultimate PPC Keyword Concatenation Tool

      Cross Channel Calculator

      How exactly is your PPC campaign affecting your SEO? Should you be PPC bidding on a term that you hold the number one organic position for? Our search scientists have cracked the formula and are currently running extensive tests to ensure the results are 100% reliable. This could be a game changer!

    Ideas in motion

    • FOUND's Ultimate PPC Keyword Concatenation Tool

      Ultimate PPC Keyword Concatenation Tool

      • Create Exact, Phrase, Broad, Modified Broad and Negative match-types from single keyword list
      • “Super Concatenate” to instantly see every permutation and match-type
      • Automatically remove duplicates, blank line or special characters
      • Bulk-edit your keyword lists with either a prefix or suffix
      • Output your final list of keywords in multiple tool friendly formats

      The Ultimate PPC Keyword Concatenation Tool was developed in collaboration with our experienced PPC Analyst team team to help create large lists of keywords with ease. The tool generates keyword lists by allowing the user to intuitively combine lists of words in every combination, adding match types or cleansing special characters for Google Adwords along the way. We’re used to making huge Keyword lists quickly and we’re fed up with most of the other free tools out there so here’s our own solution.

    • FOUND. SEO-Tool

      Free SEO Audit Tool

      • Tool Performs a Mini SEO Audit
      • Canonicalisation Checker
      • Checks On-Page Links
      • External Links Check

      We created an SEO-Tool to perform an instant automated SEO audit of your site. The tool gives you a step-by-step breakdown on issues, and advice on how to fix and improve these potential problems. The canonicalisation part will check common errors of multiple homepages, which can potentially split the link value between pages. The SEOMoz API was used to identify and analyse the strength external site backlinks to the domain. Test the tool on your own domain and provide feedback for our team. More information about the tool can be found on our blog.

    • FOUND. SEO-Tool Mobile

      Free SEO Tool iOS App

      • iOS app version of our popular SEO tool
      • Ability to export the results to PDF
      • Designed specifically for mobile devices
      • External Links Check

      After receiving some great feedback about our SEO Audit tool we felt the natural next step was to create a version that was optimised for mobile. In this iOS version the user interface has been adjusted to suit touch screen devices with the addition of easy to view tabs for the results. We have also brought the recent PDF export feature update from the desktop tool straight to the first version of our iOS app. Why not download it (Found. SEO-Tool Mobile) and give it a try!

    • Contact Form 7 Analytics by Found

      WordPress – Contact Form 7 Analytics

      • Integrates seamlessly with CF7 plugin
      • Provides a way to include key analytics information in the email
      • Provides a clever insight about which keywords generate valuable leads
      • Easy integration via shortcodes

      With Google Analytics goal tracking you can record contact form submissions, and you can see how many leads each source generates. However this wasn’t really enough data for us at Found. Our lead developer Dora took it upon herself to create a plugin for WordPress that would pass us the important data about which source and which keywords our leads were coming in from. There just wasn’t a plugin that did this already out there, which surprised us, so we went and built it!

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