Found’s 2015 Digital Predictions

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Another year and another huge step forward has been taken in the world of digital. A year where Google gave us Pigeon, Facebook made Messenger mandatory, Quantcast acquired Struq, Google acquired Skybox Imaging and Apple acquired Beats Electronics, it’s been a busy one. And it’s not set to slow down in 2015. Whereas 2014 was the year when big data truly began powering performance, when content curation became embedded into the heart of strategies and where mobile truly stood up as a channel in its own right, 2015 will introduce true predictive search to the world, mobile marketing will hit acceleration mode and personalisation is set to explode!

At Found, we have compiled a list of digital marketing trends that we think will hit the ground running in 2015. Click here to download our FREE Digital Predictions 2015 ebook.


  1.     Single channel strategists will fade out – Luke Townsend, Creative Director
  2.     Brand experience will lead the way – Luke Townsend, Creative Director
  3.     Mobile advertising will hit acceleration mode – Tina Judic, Managing Director
  4.     Predictive search will read your mind – Kirsty Hulse, Head of SEO
  5.    Advertisers will fight for control – Greg Burgess, Director of Digital Advertising
  6.    The rise of persona targeting – Guy Thornton, Head of Paid Search
  7.    True personalisation is set to explode – Ross Boyd, Product & Strategy Director
  8.    Smart data will be the new big data – Tina Judic, Managing Director
  9.    Closing the loop will become a reality – Guy Thornton, Head of Paid Search

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