Black Lives Matter.

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At Found, we stand against racism. We stand for equality.

We have a firm belief that everyone should have an equal opportunity in life; to live a life that is free from discrimination, free from persecution; and free from judgement because of the colour of their skin.

We have worked hard to learn, to understand and to try and make a difference. And we have introduced policies and measures that ensure we adhere to our pledges. We’ve engaged closely with partners like The Hebe Foundation and Great Places to Work, to get actively involved and to steer the conversation for inclusivity and fairness.

Through our Digital Disruptors partnership, we’ve listened to stories from young people about the experiences they have in society and offered them an opportunity to learn about digital marketing. It’s been a privilege to work with these young minds and to give them a platform to showcase their talents, but also to illustrate that digital can present a great career path, no matter what your skin colour, your religion, your gender or sexual identity.

We don’t purport to know everything but, as a business, we can listen, we can learn, we can have a voice and we can take action. And we are already in a position to make a difference because, as a team at Found, our culture evolves around trust and unity. It is who we are.

I want to be very careful that Found does not simply jump onto any bandwagons, to tick the ‘right boxes’. I want to be sure that we are building on the work we’ve done already, what we represent already, and what we can learn and apply in the future. We have signed an open letter pledging solidarity with the black community, promising to take action on inequality and “maintain inclusive cultures that are sensitive to the enduring injustice and pain of racism”. This is just one step of many things we can do.

We recently launched Found Allyship, made up of a team of people within the agency whose focus is to not just champion diversity and inclusion, but to help us all to make a difference.

We may not always get things right, but we will always seek to do the right thing. By seeking to understand, I hope we can all become better allies and advocates as well as instigators of change.

The ‘Justice for George Floyd’ petition is linked below as well as a link to the Black Lives Matter website where you can educate yourself and donate to the cause. Stay safe everyone. 

Justice for George Floyd Petition
Black Lives Matter Website