Beat the Keyword Blues with Found’s Ultimate Keyword Concatenation Tool

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The Ultimate PPC Keyword Concatenation Tool is the latest time-saving tool to find its way out of Found Labs, helping you to construct large lists of keywords with ease. While there is a tendency for larger agencies to make use of fully-automated solutions when generating keywords, we here at Found find that keyword quality suffers when people are left out of the loop, and as such we generate a large proportion of our keywords manually based on experience and intuition.

Having said all that, keywording still happens to be a time-consuming and often tedious business, so we’re not above using the odd tool to help us knock out those lists. Over the years we have worked with various free tools found lurking in dark corners of the internet, and although many of them were useful none of them were perfect. With that in mind we decided to develop a tool of our own, and after much labouring and head-scratching by our boffin’s we can now present to you the Ultimate Keyword Concatenation Tool.

How does the PPC Keyword Tool work?

Let’s assume that you are looking to construct a list of brand-specific generic keywords for cameras. You have a list of camera brands, a list of camera types, and a list of adjectives. By entering each list into a column of the tool you are able to create keywords based on all the various ways these keywords can be linked together, and output them in every match-type you may be interested in.

Ultimate PPC Keyword Concatenation Tool

In addition to this, the tool offers the following functionality:

  • Create Exact, Phrase, Broad, Modified Broad, and Negative match-types from a single list of keywords
  • Capitalise all first letters in a list of keywords for use in Keyword Insertion ad types
  • Work with up to four lists of keywords, adjectives, or other descriptive phrases, allowing you to create large lists of relevant long-tail keywords from a base set of generic keywords
  • Fully control the order and extent of the output permutations
  • Quickly obtain every possible permutation and match-type with a “Super Concatenate” button
  • Clean up messy keyword lists by automatically removing duplicates, blank line or special characters
  • Bulk-edit your keyword lists with either a prefix or suffix
  • Output your final list of keywords in two different formats, allowing you to instantly paste them into a number of other tools such as Adwords Editor
  • Remove any keywords over 25 characters in length, allowing you to create lists where every keyword will be eligible to show in a Keyword Insertion ad type

What benefit will this tool have on my campaigns?

This tool will allow you to construct large numbers of keywords to cover a wide range of products or services on your client’s site in a very short amount of time, freeing you up to spend more time with the more important aspects of PPC management. Furthermore it offers a versatility of control that enables it to work in different ways for different circumstances, which should give you full confidence in the quality and relevance of the keywords being produced.

The cornerstone of any good PPC campaign is its keywords, and time spent on their creation is time well spent. Found’s Keyword Concatenation Tool should help you to make the most of that time.