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We’ve delivered year on year for some of biggest names in the business. In a competitive industry we are proud of our service-driven approach and the positive references it generates. Challenge us to introduce you to one of our clients for whom we have delivered exactly what you’re looking for and we’ll be happy to oblige.

    Case Studies

    Strong and healthy client relationships, coupled with the delivery of exceptionally high quality work, are pivotal to our success. Our understanding of our clients’ businesses enables us to deliver exceptional award-winning campaigns across a variety of services, propelled by our demand for excellence. Read some of our successes below.

    Read our latest case studies

    • Canterbury of New Zealand

      Canterbury of New Zealand

      Multi-channel search campaign

      • ROI up from 862% to 2,481%
      • A CPA of just £2.39 achieved
      • A reduction of £3.74 on every sale

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    • Interflora


      Social campaign with Facebook app

      • 40k plays
      • 10k unique visits
      • 32% play to share ratio

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    Some more of our clients:

    • Squaremeal


      • 70% increase in YOY bookings
      • 27% reduction in CPA

      Squaremeal had continued to assess performance on a last-click model and was still trying to harness growth predominantly via desktop, practically ignoring mobile. With the rapid adoption of smartphones and mobile consumption exponentially increasing, Squaremeal has experienced a slow-down in bookings via its online channels.

      The challenge was how to use the budget to create a truly market-leading mobile strategy and kick-start their growth again. Found’s approach went beyond just adding superficial mobile tweaks to a desktop-focused paid search campaign. Indeed, it went beyond paid search, with Found advising on the launch of a new mobile-responsive website, as well as the build of a new Squaremeal mobile app.

      “Found’s insight and support has proven to be invaluable over the past 12 months. Their ability to connect the touch points of our prospective clients and target them at the right place and right time with a truly innovative campaign is the reason our mobile performance has gone through the roof.” – Ed Butcher, Head of Online, Squaremeal.

    • Shedstore.png


      • Visits up 224% YoY
      • Revenue up 186% YoY
      • 64% Uplift in CTR
      • 15% Reduction in CPC’s

      Operating in a hugely competitive market, Shedstore has a clear focus on growth and turned to Found to further bolster its digital presence with a highly focused awareness and new business strategy; one which would not only deliver the highest possible visibility but also broaden the reach of its product range, special offers and service offering.

      Found responded to this challenge by completely restructuring Shedstore’s digital marketing activity and introducing an interlocking campaign of clever SEO, PPC and retargeting tactics. As a result, Shedstore has experienced an uplift in year-on-year visits of 224% and an increase in revenue of 186%.

      “Found’s ability to immerse themselves into the Shedstore brand, interpreting data and insight enabled them to mastermind a clever interlocking campaign that has delivered fantastic returns. Not only have we reached greater revenue numbers than we expected but we’ve achieved this through a considerable reduction in our cost per sale. Working closely together in an agile manner, we’ve been able to share knowledge and skills which, together, has definitely helped us to achieve these great results.” – Sara Guo, Online Marketing Manager, Shedstore

    • Premier Inn

      Premier Inn

      • 8% of all clicks convert into bookings
      • 66% of all traffic lands on Premier Inn’s site
      • 1200 ad groups on Google alone
      • 2600 ad variations all search engines

      Our award-winning hotel locator site for Premier Inn, for best use of Search Marketing, was built around a clear map and route concept. Working hand-in-hand with Premier Inn to devise a campaign to complement their own activity, we delivered a site that offered travellers easy access to location and route information for all of the 570 plus UK Premier Inn hotels.

      “We operate in a very competitive, crowded market so the aim was to not only protect the brand online, but also provide visitors with a unique booking experience. Tapping into the innovation and technological delivery of the Found team, the strategy centred around building a site which offered something a little different, answering a specific need for quick and easy information on our hotels, with route information to them. The result has been record incremental sales, but also multi-messaging opportunities for the Premier Inn brand during a key booking period.” – E-commerce manager, Premier Inn

    • Vitec Group

      Vitec Group

      • 882% uplift in revenue
      • 105% ROI
      • 20% increase in clicks
      • 41m impressions delivered from video and display activity

      With the photography market becoming increasingly competitive in the UK, Found needed to expand into 5 additional territories, increase revenue to above £300k and maintain an ROI above 100%.

      Vitec commissioned Found to develop a comprehensive, international search strategy to take the brand in new and emerging territories. This involved targeting 3 European countries, as well as the US, and most recently China.

      In order to hit the revenue level demanded by Vitec, Found focused on expansion and translation of paid search accounts across all territories.

      Keyword coverage was supported by the use of Dynamic Search and Advanced Scripts to pull together campaign builds based on product lists from their merchant feed. This targeted high intent users and instantly moved the ROI from negative -32% to over 50%.

      “Found has shown us what a clever and well-crafted PPC campaign can deliver. Their ability to plan effective, time-sensitive search marketing strategies has transformed our ROI.” – Alberto Dal Santo, SEO/SEM Manager, Vitec Group

    • Red Letter Days

      Red Letter Days

      Building on our existing and highly successful brand protection partnership, Found created a new breed of brand support including the construction of a deep, content rich website with advanced mapping functionality.

      Which would add genuine added value to the user experience and not cannibalise traffic and sales from Red Letter Days’ own PPC campaign.

      “Found and Red Letter Days have managed to achieve something very rare; a branded microsite which complements and adds true value to Red Letter Days’ own site. The level of investment put into this partnership – in time and effort as well as financial – has been significant for both parties, and reflects our mutual commitment to a sustainable long-term working relationship which continually delivers results over and above expectations and forms a crucial sales driver for Red Letter Days.” – Joshna Patel, Affiliate Manager, Red Letter Days

    • Hand Picked Hotels

      Hand Picked Hotels

      • 32% uplift in enquiries
      • 12% drop in cost per enquiry
      • 76% jump in bookings
      • 34% decrease in cost per booking

      Found used a combination of search, display and social to engage users in multiple moments across the web. In order to deliver quality enquiries, Found focused on building out hyper-granular paid search compaigns to cover 21+ wedding/spa/event locations. The real success of the campaign hinged on how Found was able to manipulate the channels to work seamlessly together; truly matching the message to the moment and ensuring we were present in as many steps as possible in the path to conversion.

      “Found has proven themselves to be an immensely valuable extension to our in-house marketing team. Their wisdom and commitment to deliver has turbo-charged our digital media strategy and we’re excited about how, together, we can continue to build Hand Picked Hotels brand online.” – Janina Downey, Senior Group E-commerce Marketing Manager, Hand Picked Hotels

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