3 big things happening right now with Google Analytics

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Google Analytics

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Back in March, Google announced their Google Analytics 360 Suite, featuring ten fully integrated products to understand your customer journey in a multi-screen world.

If you made it to the final ten minutes of the Google Performance Summit, you will have previewed some pretty awesome products, promising integration, collaboration and intelligence. If you missed it, here’s a rundown of what we’re excited for in Google Analytics.


Site personalisation is really starting to take off. One-size-fits-all marketing is becoming less relevant. Now, your execution needs to be cleverly tailored to specific demographics.

Google Optimize 360 aims to make it easy for you to test changes to your site and measure the impact on customer behaviour. It’s deep integration with Analytics means you can extract insights from your Audience and Goals to inform your experiments.

Not to mention, with the scale that Google can provide, big data could open up a world of extremely personalised marketing opportunities. They claim to have amazing results from their Beta already, reducing their customer’s time to deploy site experiments from 3 days to 10 minutes.


How can you easily share your data and insights with people working across different functions in your organisation? Forget emailing attachments (and embarrassing attachment-less emails), now we have Google Data Studio 360. This is the one we’re most excited for!

audience overview

Data Studio supports multiple connectors to pull data from a number of sources, including third-party data sources. And Google promise to expand this list even further throughout the year. The ability to combine information from different sources into something meaningful could improve the value of your data business decisions smarter. The product will enable users to build beautiful, dynamic reports in minutes and instantly share with anybody in your organisation.

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The enterprise version is now in paid beta. However, Google have also launched a free version, which allows users to create up to five reports. Currently, it’s only available in the US but they are rolling it out to other countries throughout the year.

Built-in Intelligence

So you’re getting tons of data from a variety of sources quickly, which makes it harder to put it to good use. Google Assistant has enabled users to interact naturally with Google for help with their daily tasks. Now, Google want to use the same machine learning and artificial intelligence kit for Google Analytics to get answers to important business questions. They call it “Q&A Conversational Search” and is built into the Analytics 360 suite.

Audience overview

Using natural language processing algorithms, it understands your intent and runs it over your analytics data. For example, you could ask it what your best selling products in a month were and it will return a list of relevant information. These products aren’t previews, they’re happening right now. Google are already starting to roll out the 360 Suite to all Google Analytics Premium customers.