Found featured in Web Designer Magazine

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This month’s Web Designer Magazine (Issue 214) asked the question:

SEO vs content: who is number 1?

Web Designer magazine

Found’s Product Director Luke Townsend had this to say:

“Getting your website to rank organically can be difficult, especially if you are in a competitive area or industry. My advice would be to focus on the slightly more niche keywords and provide searchers with useful information around those, rather than targeting the popular and broad search terms where the competition is rife.

Once you have identified the search terms you will target, landing pages should be created and tailored specifically towards these keywords. Trying to target lots of different keywords with one page will be much less effective than a page focused around a small group of similar keywords. Ensure that you are including the subject keyword in the title tag, url, image alt text and in the text content of the page and take steps to make sure your page loads quickly. If you create a page with compelling and unique content then people should link to it, but you will need to kick start this by reaching out to your network and asking them for a link from any relevant pages they have.”