The Found Newsletter is GO!

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As part of the new branding process and profile building strategy here at Found HQ, we have just launched our first newsletter! After careful thought, considerable planning and clocking up some serious design hours, by the time we got to yesterday, we finally had something we were happy to “press the big red button on” (well, we clicked send…)

The format isn’t something to which we gave little thought; it was designed to have a specific demographic appeal and this is evident in our final design where we find the content interesting, informative and easy on the eye.

Found Newsletter is GO!Good planning and design ensured cross-demographic appeal was achieved and gave us the platform to display content that applies to a whole host of active users – all those that work across the digital industry, web and interface design enthusiasts looking to stay on the edge and also to all those marketers out there looking to stay informed and keep up to date with the most current tips, tricks and advice about SEO, PPC and Social Media.

Our format not only gives the reader an overview of the digital world from the previous 4-6 weeks, but also gives the reader an insight into Found as an outfit, not only as experts in paid search and digital marketing, but also as a fantastic place to work.

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