Found Webinar Replay: Audience Insights: Making Data-Fuelled Decisions.



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Harrison Wright, Client Experience Manager

Analytics, Data,

2 Minutes

02 Jul 2020

On Thursday 25th June, we hosted another webinar as a continuation of Found’s series. We looked at how, as a business, you can make smart decisions through the use of data.

Following an initial welcome and introduction from Hannah Thorpe, our Director of Growth Strategy; guest speakers Katie Gilsenan and Viktoriya Trifonova from Global Web Index (GWI) talk all about the impact Coronavirus has had on consumers. This research is just one example of the extraordinary work that is going on over at GWI, so be sure to visit their website or check out all of the research they’ve done on the current pandemic.

James Wolman, a Data Scientist at Found, then took to the floor to talk about how you can conduct your own informal audience research. He describes it as informal because you don’t need create the data yourself but find the right data that is already out there, in this case through social media mining.

Audience Insights: Making Data-Fuelled Decisions.


00:00-00:56Intro & Welcome – Hannah Thorpe, Found
00:56-15:28Coronavirus: The Transition to a “New Normal” – Katie Gilsenan; Viktoriya Trifonova, Global Web Index
15:28-22:00Q&A with Katie Gilsenan and Viktoriya Trifonova, Global Web Index
22:00-42:36Audience Research: Informal Insights – James Wolman, Found
42:36-46:53Q&A with James Wolman, Found
46:53-47:36Outro – Hannah Thorpe, Found

We hope that you enjoy and it proves to be a useful resource for you! If you’d like to chat to one of the team at Found about the webinar or any other queries, then please get in touch today.

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