Found Webinar Replay: Filling Up the Funnel: Strategies for Creating Demand and Thinking Beyond Conversion

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If you missed our webinar on Thursday 16th July or just want to watch again, then we’ve got you covered. The main focus was on strategies to create demand online and how to think beyond just conversion.

Our Director of Growth Strategy, Hannah Thorpe, introduced the running order and the speakers with the first being Jon de Weijer from Google. Unfortunately we are unable to show Jon’s talk as it was an exclusive for the live webinar, but if you want read up more on understanding and harnessing the path to purchase then check out this article from Google which includes a PDF of all the research done.

Lauren Nickel, also from Google, then spoke about discovery ads which are new display ads that appear in multiple Google feed environments. The other half of her talk was about YouTube advertising, more specifically TrueView for action which focuses on prominent CTAs to help drive leads and conversions.

Following Lauren was Dora Moldovan, who is the Director of Data and Analytics here at Found. As a second part of the deep dive into Google display and YouTube advertising; Dora speaks about how we’ve driven results for clients like Fender, My 1st Years and Vashi with advertising through Google.

You can watch Lauren and Dora’s talks below, we hope you find it insightful and enjoyable!

Filling Up the Funnel: Strategies for Creating Demand and Thinking Beyond Conversion


00:00-00:57Intro & Welcome – Hannah Thorpe, Found
00:57-14:16A Deep-Dive into Discovery Ads and Trueview for Action – Lauren Nickel, Google
14:16-23:18Case Studies & Power of Integration – Dora Moldovan, Found
23:18-25:44Q&A with Lauren and Dora
25:44-27:02Outro & Goodbye – Hannah Thorpe, Found

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