Harrison Wright
Client Experience Manager

1. My day starts with…

The gym or a run… sometimes not (more often not as I’m more of a night owl than an early bird).

Breakfast and a cup of coffee is important to help me through morning admin – checking emails, my calendar and writing out my to do list – this helps me get nicely set up for the day ahead.

2. In my team I…

Don’t specialise in a specific channel, I get to work across all areas of the business which is fantastic for my own personal development.

It’s also a very social team as we work with so many different people day-to-day, cross-team collaboration is a big part of what makes Found so special.

3. My role involves…

Supporting with client retention, project management support, market research, data, and content insights – mostly through our fantastic proprietary search tool, Luminr, made by our in-house data team.

I’m very solutions focused in my approach to tasks, which is why I love my current role and how it isn’t bound to a specific service. This gives me and the rest of the team complete freedom when it comes to supporting our clients’ needs and helping them grow.

4. I got into digital….

Because I did some broad work experience when I was 15 at the holiday company TUI for a week, where one of the days I sat in with their digital marketing team. I learnt about the basics of SEO and PPC which really sparked an interest in digital as a whole.

Although talking about sunny holiday destinations constantly was enough for a week, not sure I could put up with that consistently working in gloomy British weather.

Fast forward to early 2020 when I started at Found as an SEO Intern. I was part of the Sales and Marketing team until March 2021, when I went on to join the Growth team and I’ve now moved again to join our Client Experience Team.

5. My usual routine is….

Constant calls, whether that’s weekly catch-ups, exciting opportunity discussions or ideation sessions – there’s plenty more!

BAU tasks as well such as assessing progress on various accounts, updating roadmaps or providing insight reports. These are good to crack on with when you’ve got a few hours call free.

6. Since the pandemic…

I’ve really come to value the flexible working lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer working in an office more often than not – having people to bounce ideas off and get quick support from is so useful.

Having only worked as an intern for 2 weeks at the office before having to work from home during the pandemic, I really appreciate these sorts of perks that come with office life.

7. I can’t get through the day without…

A bit of music. The office is great as we have something on in the background all day whether that’s the radio or a playlist, usually a good mix too so there is something for everyone.

If I’m at home too I’ll make some time for my dogs, they can help reduce stress (although sometimes it’s the other way round).

Oh and my to do list and several coffees.

8. What are your best memories at Found?

There’s been a lot across the last three years. My first couple of weeks as an intern will always stand out as I remember being so nervous and dressing to impress when I didn’t have to, the whole team were so welcoming, and I quickly noticed it was a lot more casual than I had imagined it would be!

All the socials too, but especially the recent Christmas party we threw at the office – this was so well done by the social committee with a room that had a DJ, a games room with roulette and beer pong, and a karaoke room too! It was my first Christmas party at Found and definitely one I will remember!

9. The thing I love most about my job….

Is that I’m constantly learning and kept on my toes because of my broad role and agency life in general – it’s fast paced which means it never gets boring.

The different clientele we have also keeps things fresh, from plus size bras to cybersecurity it’s an interesting mix.

10. After work I….

Love to spend time with friends and family at the pub, out for dinner or somewhere abroad – travelling is a huge passion of mine. I spent 8 months backpacking Asia in 2018/2019 and it was the best decision I’ve ever made, I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who is considering doing something similar!

I’m a big sports fan, whether it’s football (up the Chels), F1 or golf – like playing a bit of the latter too although I’m still a max handicap, but I’m getting there. Movies too, I enjoy a lot of the Tarantino films like Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained. You can’t beat an easy watch comedy as well; The Hangover is a personal favourite.

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