The formula for a winning digital team

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Here at Found, the happiness and welfare of the team is my number one priority. After all, having a happy, engaged, passionate team translates into the work that we do for our clients and the relationships we have with them. Alongside our fantastic managers, I am always making sure that we are an agency that provides an environment for the team to flourish whilst delivering amazing work, and all the while having fun! So what is it that makes up the formula for our award winning digital team?

A culture to be proud of

Is it the endless supply of waist-expanding treats, usually in the form of Krispy Kremes, the ice cold beers on a Friday or the power boating trips down the Thames that make Found the agency we are? Well of course these things help and definitely bring a smile to the team, but ask the team what they love most about Found and 99% of them will say the people. With a careful recruitment process to guarantee we have ticked the talent box and that we have also found the right fit for the team, we are able to continue to foster a real family-feel within the agency, helping to nurture our high performing team. Working in a collaborative, supportive and fun environment means that the team are able to work as a tight unit, not just in their immediate teams but across the business as a whole.

Working with a like-minded, dynamic group of individuals means that there is the opportunity to share new ideas for innovative client campaigns. From day one whether someone is an intern or a director, we offer our team the freedom and responsibility to run with their accounts and try new things to get the best results. Every agency will say that they want to stay ‘ahead of the curve’ and of course we do too, but it’s the continuous drive to improve and evolve that sets us apart. From lunch and learns, SEO assemblies and PPC academies to external training and personalised development plans, we ensure our team are at the top of their game and can continue to learn and grow –  because at the end of the day, being left behind in such a fast-paced industry is not an option.

One of the things that I love the most about working at Found is the sounds around the office. There’s not a day that goes by where you won’t hear lots of laughter, random chat or some cracking tunes (usually in the form of 90’s classics!) These things to me indicate a happy and vibrant team, which is exactly what we aim for! And it’s not just inside the office – down the pub, at a Founder’s wedding and even over the weekend you can find us hanging out. It’s incredible to be part of a team that genuinely enjoy spending time with each other inside and outside of working hours, and it makes those challenging days we all face that much easier to deal with.

So what are the different teams that make up our award-winning agency?

The relationship builders

From the moment a prospect first gets in touch to when they become a client, the partnerships and client services teams are there to build a warm and successful relationship. Always determined to help them achieve their business goals and push them ahead of their competitors; the relationship builders at Found will always give their all to supporting their clients’ success. These guys take the time to understand our client’s business inside and out, putting together a winning campaign strategy and ultimately ensuring that we are delivering results.

The search masters

Shaking up the search space, these guys are the masters behind your search campaigns. From ever-evolving paid media campaigns to the complex world of SEO, they are at the heart of delivery. The Paid Media analysts’ super slick skills have performance at their core, and with precision and efficiency they drive traffic, sales and revenue whilst always striving to deliver the best possible ROI. The SEO team is made up of a combination of tech wizzes that make sure our clients’ sites are optimised to maximise search visibility and content marketers with a passion for creating meaningful content that speaks to our clients’ target audience and drives results. Not afraid to delve into new areas, the search teams are always willing to test new ideas to stay ahead and make sure that we are at the cutting edge of delivery for our clients in all things search.

The creative and technical crew

Working closely together, the studio team are the heroes of Found, covering both creative and technical bases. They are a key support in the agency whilst also driving our business into new areas and exploring new platforms. From creating beautiful designs for engaging infographics to digging deep into the data, resolving tracking problems with creative solutions and even creating bespoke platforms for our clients, this team continue to bring our agency to the forefront of technical and creative delivery.

The operations team

We are the glue that holds the team together. From HR to delivery, the Ops team are here to make sure that no matter what happens, the Found wheels keep turning. Our priorities are people and process, striving to provide the best framework for the team to be efficient, brilliant and happy.

So, what is the formula for a winning digital team? You bring together a group of brilliant, passionate and curious people, you offer them a supportive and dynamic environment where they have the freedom and autonomy to lead their campaigns, you make sure they are continually learning and developing, and then throw in a mix of interesting and unique clients and lots of fun! Oh and few Krispy Kremes too…

If you’re interested in experiencing life as a Founder then take a look at some of our existing vacancies – we’d love to hear from you.