Will Harman
SEO Account Director

1. My day starts with…

Putting together my to-do list, prioritising it and checking what I need to do for the day. I’m quite detail-focused so this really helps me get ready each morning.

Granted this list almost doubles by about 11am but that’s what I enjoy about Found and being at an agency, constantly being on your toes. I should really invest in a pair of pointe shoes.

2. In my team I…

Organise and work with a great team of executives to ensure the work we’re delivering is going to be top-notch and push them up Google’s rankings.

Part of my role is helping to teach them and improve their SEO skills. I love it when they deliver amazing work and see their progression.

3. My role involves…

Strategically planning clients SEO activity so that they’ll meet their organic goals. I also head up CRO at Found so working on how they can improve their conversion rate.

Lots of my job involves communicating with clients and making sure we’re driving them growth in the right areas of their business and helping them with wider digital marketing decisions.

4. I got into digital….

Because I studied marketing at Southampton university and honestly all of the ‘classic’ marketing lectures seemed a bit dated. It was the digital marketing lectures that really seemed cutting edge with new ideas and technology coming out all of the time.

When it came to my work placement year I sat next to a colleague who was ‘The SEO Guy’ . I spent a few months pestering him and asking him loads of questions. That’s what got me into SEO.

5. My usual routine is….

Wake up at 6 and go to the gym, coffee and breakfast, to do list, attempt to complete my to do list in between thousands of client calls. Nonstop and I love it!

6. Since the pandemic…

I’ve really missed the team and when I’m in the office and there are a few of us in, I absolutely love the buzz and how well we collaborate.

7. I can’t get through the day without…

My cracking team, the SEO team at Found has so many years of really great experience and is always there to help out.

Oh and my to do list and several coffees.

8. What are your best memories at Found?

We’ve had some excellent socials over the years I’ve been at Found, I really loved the summer social we did last summer. This was the first time we’d met up in person since the pandemic and so many people had joined who I’d only ever met over Zoom.

I also vividly remember my first quarterly business review that I presented in, I won’t deny I was a tad nervous…

9. The thing I love most about my job….

Easy! Presenting the excellent work the team have been doing, and the results that follow, to clients during monthly meetings and quarterly business reviews. The sense of achievement is excellent.

10. After work I….

I’m a massive foodie, so I absolutely love being in the kitchen and cooking up some Indian or Sri Lankan food. I’m currently working my way through the Kricket cookbook which has so many gorgeous recipes.

If I’m not cooking I’ll be watching some cookery programme on the telly.

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