The Found Five – October

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So the cold is finally here and it’s almost time for mulled wine and mince pies, but don’t panic you’ve still got plenty of time for Christmas shopping….But first, here’s what cool stuff has been going on in October:

  1. The election is finally over and it’s “four more years” of Mr Obama. Along with the build-up to Election Day, there have been a large number of infographics out there for all to see. Here’s my favourite with a Halloween twist  ‘Election Search & Media: The Spooky Truth’
  2. October saw the return of the fantastic a4uexpo London in which we were there with our usual unique Found twist on search marketing. This event just keeps getting better and better and there was lots of say before, during and after the conference!
  3. Do you sometimes feel like your life is lacking a little drama? The launch of a new TV channel in Belgium back in March saw a big red ‘Push to add drama’ button on a small Flemish town square. We rediscovered it last month and it’s still brilliant!
  4. Following the madness of London Cocktail Week in October, this awesome classic cocktails recipes tea towel is a great addition to those of you trying to perfect the Long Island Iced Tea in the comfort of your own home.
  5. Burger AND Lobster??  The newest restaurant to be added to the already large selection of great Farringdon eateries is Burger and Lobster…..a winning combination if you ask me!