The Found Five –September

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September ended up being surprisingly sunny but it seems as October steams ahead, the cold has set in and is here to stay.

So to cheer you up as you settle into winter mode – here’s our September round-up reminding you of all the fab things around the web last month:

  1. Google latest marvel, an interactive infographic entitled ‘The Story of Send’ presents with precision the journey of an email, displayed with simple but eye-catching visuals accompanied by concise explanations at each stage of the journey. Google uses the infographic to explain step by step the rigorous process of an action we as consumers see as a simple click of a button!
  2. With Social Media Week landing in the last week of September, there were some incredible talks and events going on around London which really got me thinking about ‘The Social Network Mind-set’ 
  3. Our team love to travel and September saw quite a few trips! Two of our boys visited the Big Apple and one of our lovely AMs soaked up the magic of Paris. This video compliments perfectly, the tale of two cities and those things we love about each. Which team are you on? Paris Je t’aime or New York, I love you?
  4. Longing for the Olympics again? Wishing for another Jubilee weekend? It was a fantastic feeling uniting with the rest of Great Britain this summer. Are you still feeling the London love?
  5. We love the fact that the newest branch of Polpo opened up right here in Smithfield. Great food, cool venue and a delicious wine list to boot! Lunch? Yes please!