Travel – Facts about Mobile Search [Infographic]

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Travel - Facts about Mobile Search

As we all know, mobile is here. Mobile is the here and now, and it’s getting bigger and bigger all the time. Having worked at the forefront of mobile advertising for many years here at Found, we’ve been able to gather and analyse real data, and we can leverage it in new and exciting ways as a result. For clients of ours, that means greater reach and more granular targeting, all tied into a performance metric.

One of our most successful undertakings in mobile is within the travel sector. We work across many big brands internationally, utilising mobile optimised sites to generate leads, bookings and travel insurance policies. As experts in both travel and mobile, we’ve been able to compile the following infographic highlighting some of the more important (and fun) findings to date. Enjoy!

Travel - Facts about Mobile Search [Infographic]

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