2011 – A year in Retrospect

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2011 - A year in Retrospect

It’s been a fantastic year and as the New Year approaches, the office has wound down for some well-deserved rest. There is always a buzz of excitement in the air at this time of year and last week we had our final quarterly review of 2011 followed by a delicious Christmas lunch. I don’t know how much longer we will be able to fit everyone around a table due to the substantial growth over the last year but I’m going to enjoy it whilst I can. This time of year is my favourite, there is an  overwhelming sense of positivity surrounding the team and big expectations for the new year as everyone goes off to spend time with their loved ones and recharge their batteries for the new challenges on the horizon.

With all of this in mind we decided that we would do some fun awards for the end of the year as well as our usual awards for Best Performance and Best Contribution. The winners were as follows:

Best Performance went to the amazing Ash McVey – for many of us it was a final tribute before he makes the trip back to Australia in January. He’s been a real asset to the team and will be missed!

Best Contribution went to the phenomenal Matthew Freedman who consistently smashes targets and is a fantastic team mate. Special mentions went to both Deepa Arthur and Andrea Downey who have been doing a fantastic job!

Found’er of the Year went to the brilliant Luke Townsend, one of our longest standing members and a man who gives nothing less than his all in everything that he does which is just one of the reasons we love him!

The winners of the fun awards were as follows:
The Vivienne Westwood award for the best dressed:

Deepa Arthur

The Tom Selleck Award for the best Movember moustache:

Rob Barnes

The Florence Nightingale Award for the most caring person:

Florence Bundy

The Smile Award for the person who has an infectious smile:

Heeral Shah

Bunsen Burner Award for the hottest ideas:

Greg Burgess

Baby’s Bottom Award for the smoothest in times of crisis:

Greg Burgess

The Silver Lining Award for the person who is always a positive energy:

Peter Newman

Kool and the Gang Award for the person who always offers their assistance:

Ciaran Brady

Just to finish up this festive post, I’d like to say a huge thank-you,  not just to Found but to everyone we have worked with this year and to  everyone who has been a part of the Found journey so far. It’s been a stellar year and here’s to an even bigger and brighter 2012 for all!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.