Enhanced AdWords Sitelinks Appearing for UK Searches



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20 Sep 2012

23 Apr 2024

There has been a lot of excitement at Found this week. On Valentine’s day this year Google gave us the lovely gift of an announcement about enhanced sitelinks for AdWords. After seven long months they have now been rolled out globally and we can’t wait to see their effects.

Enhanced sitelinks take the sitelinks you have created for a campaign and pair them with relevant ad text taken from your account that has the same landing page URL as the sitelink. In order to qualify to show in this format your ads also need to appear at the top of the page. You can see what they look like below.

Enhanced Sitelinks Appear for UK searches

It was a very exciting moment when we first spotted them showing on our own campaigns (sorry, to our lovely Kristina who got caught in a cross-fire of very happy analysts). However, there are still many questions to be answered:

1. What effect will enhanced sitelinks have on click-through rate? Google announced that these ads lead to significantly higher CTR. This definitely seems likely as they take up much more space on the page and give users more information. But how big will this increase be? And what will the effect be on other ads that aren’t eligible for enhanced sitelinks where competitors are?

2. In addition to increasing CTR on the ad as a whole, will CTR on the sitelinks themselves increase as they take up more space and stand out more? Perhaps increasing conversion rates as users finds themselves closer to the exact page they are looking for.

3. So far we have only seen enhanced sitelinks showing for brand keywords in P1. Will other ads at the top of the page be eligible? What about generic keywords?

4. What does this mean for SEO as organic results are being pushed further down the page and paid ads are looking more like organic results?

We will be closely monitoring the eligibility for enhanced sitelinks and their effect on CTR and hope to answer some of these questions soon.

Feel free to get in touch too with any interesting observations or results of your own.