Could you be our newest Founder and work with Richard, Lucinda and Greg?

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Found employs only the most talented, hard working and engaging individuals and we’re always on the look out for fresh new Founders to join our team!

Our HR Exec, Chelsea, looks into what makes a good Founder tick….so if you have a love for all things digital and can see yourself singing Abba with Lucinda, eating Tuna-Sashimi with Richard or advising Greg on a decent Korean BBQ restaurant in London, we could be the place for you.

Meet three of our newest recruits,

Richard Lewis

SEO Executive

Richard blog photo

Where do you call home?

West Bergholt, my home village. It’s near Colchester in Essex. There are wide open muddy fields with horses and sheep, the A12 and dial-up internet. Earlier on I went for walk in the mud and watched a beautiful sunset. Now I’m sat down with a cup of tea, ready to share my deepest secrets on the internet.

What is your favourite guilty pleasure TV show?

Antiques Road Show. I hope this doesn’t affect my dream of joining a street gang.

We can always count on you to brighten up the room with your smile, tell us the secret to true happiness.


If you could go back in history, who would you like to meet and why?

Great question! As a historian I’ll triple your answer! First, Charles Darwin, to see what he thinks of David Attenborough’s nature documentaries. I studied his life at uni. The shark jumping out of the water in slow-mo on Planet Earth would have thoroughly shaken his gentlemanly constitution. Then, Socrates so he can remind me that I know nothing. Last but by no means least, Genghis Khan, to see what he thinks about glow sticks. We could listen to some music together and have a chat. All this would be happening at the same time. In the fun zone. With Bill and Ted.

If you could eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Tuna Sashimi – raw sliced tuna. It’s a daily habit I intend to take up after I get my wordpress blog to #1 for car insurance. Just you wait, Go Compare.

Your ideal weekend would be..

A theme park with no queues and unlimited rides; it’s also summer.

You tower over most of the Founders, would you mind telling us your height.

6′ 5″. This gives me less than 1 inch clearance from the overhead beams in the office. Overcoming the instinct to duck my head will be a long process. At least those low hanging Christmas decorations in the fun zone have been taken down. Minefield.

iOS or Android?

Android. When things break, I like to take the back off and pretend I’m an electrician.

Lucinda Southall 

Client Services Account Manager

Lucinda blog photo

Where do you call home?

I’m a London girl through and through – I grew up in East Sheen (close to Richmond Park).

A rumour has been going round that you’ve once eaten a hippo… what?

Not only Hippo! I’ve also tried Warthog, Impala and Wildebeest when I was travelling around Africa.

If you could pick up a new talent, what would it be?

Definitely singing. I like to sing a lot, sadly other’s don’t like it quite as much…

We know you love travelling, if you could travel anywhere, where would you go next?

I’d love to go to so many places – I can’t choose one! Top of my list at the moment are: Argentina, Bali, Cuba and Mexico (oh and Nekker Island 😉 ) .

As a self-proclaimed foodie, please share with us your favourite place to eat out in London.

This is a tough one as there are so many amazing restaurants in London! If I had to pick a favourite, it would be The Shed in Notting Hill. The ‘Lamb Chips’ should be on everyone’s bucket list as a must-try!

Your favourite guilty pleasure karaoke song is..

Anything by Abba, but Voulez Vous would be my first choice!

Twitter or Facebook? 

Facebook every time. 140 characters are not enough for a chatterbox like me!

Greg Nye

Junior Content Executive

Greg blog photo

Where do you call home?

Bexleyheath – a small town in South East London with very few noteworthy features. However, if you’re partial to a good Wetherspoons and a spot of ten pin bowling, I’d wholeheartedly recommend a visit.

Biggest pet peeve.

Corporate Jargon or ‘buzzwords’. Words like ‘scalable opportunity’, ‘synergy’, ‘ballpark figure’, ‘quick-wins’, ‘ideation’ etc. I’m not sure who coins these neologisms, but I always seem to associate them with a ‘David Brent’ kind of figure. What’s worrying is, since graduating, some of these words have started to slide into my vocabulary and I hate it!

Favourite TV show.

Probably The Wire. It’s just so consistently good. With most TV shows there are one or two series which have flaws or loose ends, but, in my opinion, The Wire is almost faultless and is very much a modern American epic.

A country you’ve visited and would love to return again.

I stayed with some friends in South Korea last year which was a real eye-opening experience. I spent most of my time in and around Seoul so it would be great to see more of the country. I’ve heard areas in the South such as Busan are pretty cool, so I’ll definitely have to return one day. Also, I still haven’t managed to find a decent Korean BBQ restaurant in London yet, so that’s another reason to go back.

Rumour has it, that you’re a very talented young man…

Really? Perhaps I’ve given a false impression of myself… I think my interests and hobbies are quite varied but I don’t think I’ve quite had the skill or tenacity to really earn a ‘talented young man’ accolade. I’ve always enjoyed playing rugby, I play a bit of piano and I’m quite passionate about literature, but I don’t take these hobbies too seriously.

Would you consider yourself a cat or a dog person?

I’m still convinced cats are arrogant and self-important creatures. I am definitely more of a dog person.

Twitter or Facebook?

Each has its own advantages but I suppose I probably tend to use Facebook more. I like the fact that it has helped document a large part of my adolescence and university life, so I can scroll back and revisit anything from questionable teenage haircuts to daring fresher’s week fancy dress outfits.

Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings?

I think The Lord of the Rings has had a much larger influence on fantasy fiction and Peter Jackson really nailed it with his adaptation. Also, Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) blanked me in the street once so that has influenced my decision greatly.

Can you see yourself working alongside Richard, Lucinda and Greg? If you’re interested in experiencing life as a Founder then take a look at some of our existing vacancies. If there’s nothing there that quite fits with your talents but you know you’d be a fantastic addition to our team, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.


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