Found partners with parental schooling resource EdPlace to drive greater parental sign-up



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18 Jun 2013

17 May 2024

Found is  working closely with EdPlace, a parent-focused education platform (, as it cements its role as the most useful resource for parents wishing to support their children’s’ education at home.

The highly interactive site provides all families with access to innovative, educational resources, developed by teachers, currently covering English, Maths and Science across the National Curriculum in Key Stages 1 to 4. Since launch, it has seen consistent growth in users as more families choose to supplement their children’s learning at home, and the EdPlace team is keen to ensure the site continues to develop both in subject content as well as delivery

Patrick Cooke, one of EdPlace’s Partners, says: “Our research has shown that 28% of parents currently use private tuition to supplement their children’s schooling. Those that don’t use tuition, but want to help their child’s learning, reference cost as the primary reason. Our focus is to support those parents who want easy and affordable support in the core subjects, but see private tuition as their only option. Working with Found we are able to broaden awareness of the EdPlace offering and provide educational help, whether that be in place of, or in addition to, traditional schooling.”

Found was specifically tasked with making significant cuts to the CPA and immediately switched the current Adwords legacy campaigns to the latest enhanced campaigns to enable the team to harness the benefits offered. Using advanced day-parting, multi-device bid adjustments and proximity bidding it was able to better optimise the campaigns and ultimately drive down the CPA, whilst also working towards the client’s awareness goal.

Tina Judic, Managing Director of Found says: “Whilst obtaining the best education for children continues to be a key issue for most parents, the spotlight on schooling in general has created a much greater need for innovative, trackable and current learning resources for parents. We’re delighted to be helping EdPlace reach more families.”


About EdPlace

EdPlace is an educational start-up company dedicated to empowering parents in their child’s education; Covering English, Maths and Science across the National Curriculum in Key Stages 1 to 4. EdPlace was founded in 2005. The company changed hands in 2011 and is now being run by a team of education and online professionals, who see big opportunities to help parents by blending the best online tools with leading resources created by qualified teachers. At the heart of EdPlace is great customer care and brilliant educational content, coupled with constant innovation and improvement

About Found

Found has led a new chapter for the Digital Marketing industry, championing the innovative integration of Performance Marketing to drive significant results across all growing channels. Focused on masterminding highly effective performance-based marketing campaigns which push the boundaries across Search, Social, Mobile and Affiliate, Found’s multi award-winning, results-obsessed team are experts in driving quality online traffic for such brands as Wilkinson, RAC, Premier Inn, Jane Shilton and the Post Office. The digital marketing agency has fast gained a reputation for finding new ways to build its clients’ businesses online, and its often ground-breaking campaigns are testament to Found’s belief that great performance comes from great people.