Avoid these 5 common UX mistakes
Published on 2nd August 2016

“Ugly but useful trumps pretty but pointless” – Kate Rutter Brands and their web designers…

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Found makes pizza!
Published on 19th November 2013

Earlier this month all the Founders got together for our company quarterly review. Each quarter,…

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Search Engine Marketing Terms, Part 4: Web Development
Published on 15th August 2013

In the final instalment of our terminology guide, we delve into the world of web…

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Search Engine Marketing Terms, Part 3: Website Design and Build
Search Engine Marketing Terms, Part 3: Website Design and Build
Published on 1st August 2013

Years ago, the epically progressive world of design began taking steps in a new direction…

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Web Design Predictions for 2013
Top 5 Web Design Predictions for 2013
Published on 4th January 2013

What happened in 2012? 2012 brought us an array of  cool and wonderful new ideas and developments…

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Happy Christmas from Found!
Published on 24th December 2012

On the eve of much festive merriment, some of us are still here in the…

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Google Web Lab
Google Web Lab
Published on 27th September 2012

Over the weekend I went and checked out Google’s Web Lab experiments at the Science Museum. Google’s…

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Beat the Keyword Blues with Found’s Ultimate Keyword Concatenation Tool
Published on 27th June 2012

The Ultimate PPC Keyword Concatenation Tool is the latest time-saving tool to find its way…

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CSS3 3D Transforms – The future of User experience?
Published on 30th May 2012

Back in 2009 an extension to CSS was pushed forward from the WebKit development team….

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