The Month of Movember

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The Month of Movember

So I’ve traded my carefully sculpted beard for that five o’clock shadow you can see above my lip. For once it’s not a crazy Shoreditch-influenced fashion statement or an attempt to mimic something out of GQ; this time it’s for a real cause.

Tuesday marked the start of Movember, in which men let their facial hair overtake their faces to raise both money and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer in men.
Big Ideas Movember Half Time

The office is bound to be a banter minefield with some of us giving Daniel Day-Lewis a run for his money [ahem…] and others resembling a school boy entering puberty. There are some who’ll be quick off the mark to pick out the whisker warriors and give them some stick but, here in BIG Studios, the majority will stand up and support our boys in their quest to raise awareness for men’s health.

I’ll be taking regular updates in the form of pictures and verbal accounts and updating the blog – the moustaches are certainly beginning to take shape here at FOUND.

So, as men step away from their razors and our women prepare for a bout of stubble burn, it’s all worthwhile and I urge anybody not showcasing a “tash” to give what they can. If this cause is a subject that is close to your heart, because you know someone who has been affected by cancer, then feel free to get involved, even if it’s just by going to our Movember page and donating:

If people require some inspiration or maybe just a little bit of a laugh to brighten their day, be sure to check out [Jo’s Mo Show]. Jo’s Mo Show from the National Portrait Gallery of Australia, is a miscellany compendium of Australia’s finest, longest, tallest and shortest of facial foliage.

Happy growing growers, see you on the (hairy) lip side.