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Don’t go cold turkey on your PPC campaigns
Published on 12th November 2015

The clocks going back can only mean one thing, Christmas is nearly upon us!…and it…

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Gmail Ads: the what, the why, the how
Published on 9th October 2015

Gmail Ads (formally known as Gmail Sponsored Promotions) are a form of high impact display…

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How to target foreign markets with AdWords
Published on 18th September 2015

Before diving into new territories and launching paid activity, it’s vital you allocate time to…

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Ad copy testing: start it, test it, measure it!
Published on 13th August 2015

Ad copy testing is a vital aspect of any PPC strategy. Whether you’re new to…

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Facebook and the evolving ‘cost per click’
Published on 15th July 2015

Facebook, loved and used by over 1.44 billion users (2015) and with 936 million people…

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It’s ‘T’ Time with RLSAs – Remarketing Lists for Search Ads
Published on 24th April 2015

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads are now more prevalent than ever. Just over a year…

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Google Shopping; Top Tips & Performance Pitfalls
Published on 5th September 2014

PPC would long be a thing of the past if it wasn’t for Google’s ever-changing…

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5 tips for maximising ROI with PPC
5 tips for maximising ROI with PPC
Published on 21st December 2011

Following on from my previous post in which I discussed [Higher Positions Don’t Necessarily Mean Higher…

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Analysing the New Google Analytics Features for PPC and SEO
Analysing the New Google Analytics Features for PPC and SEO
Published on 18th November 2011

Google have made huge strides with their Analytics platform over the last few months, introducing…

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